The sat nave is plugged into my computer not only taking charge, but also making a meal of updating itself.  One hour and twelve minutes according to the magic timer, long enough to gulp a re-energising first and second course electrical feed.


So, here I am pondering.  A bit of plugging in to an energising surge would do me the world of good too. 

P1030465 light sticks

This morning I ‘mislaid’ a towel which was placed near the washing machine to remind me to add it to the wash load. When the time came, I just couldn’t find it.  The wash load was done minus the towel.  I discovered it some time later.  It was wrapped round a freezer pack which had been easing a sore point on my back!! 


My excuse…..yes I do have one; this was the morning after the night before: this morning in particular, was too early to be awake thinking about anything. I was even too tired to expend energy being grumpy.  Why?  You might well ask.  Twice during the  night I was was abruptly disturbed out of my slumbers.


* “Golden slumbers kiss your eyes, smiles awake you when  you rise….”  Oh, were it true.*(Brahms Lullaby)

Just Checked the satnav update progress. It looks like it’s charging up for an all night session.  The progress bar has regressively jumped from forty minutes to fifty minutes…..zzzzzz.


8 thoughts on “WHY? YOU MIGHT WELL ASK.

  1. That, Mr F, is exactly the opposite of what has happened. All my maps were wiped by the update, so today, as you might expect, I am, with help, delivering, (hopefully), a fix. xx

  2. This does bag the question what exactly happened in the night before to cause such disturbed slumbers???

    When bro in low recently attempted to recharge and update his satnav it kind of went furgedboutit….. Something to do with the age of the satnav and the size of the update.

  3. There was, Anne-Marie, according to the satnav help desk operator, a glitch in the app software that corrupted my device’s maps and wiped them. So, before knowing this, good client that I was, I went to the faqs downloaded the various instructions and assiduously followed them, to no avail. The company rectified their problem relatively quickly, but it had left me to sort a real mess, which, literally took hours of downloading.

    The night before was due to things that went bang in the night.


    • 🙂 Hello Shimon,

      A small dose of something alcoholically medicinal was most certainly drafted in and I can report it was highly beneficial. How I look today, against how I feel, are like chalk and cheese. A bit of make-up will fit the bill nicely.

      Thanks for your comment and the caring words of advice. xx

  4. I feel your frustration, sleepless nights and irritating gadgets do fray the nerves. Hoping all is well now and those bumps in the night have calmed down!!!xxx


    Lovely to hear from you. Bummps have subsided for now. Gadgetry is quiet and working. Corrupted update was the culptit for it. The whole issue took up so much time to sort and resolve. It’ puts you off updating: not wise, but………..


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