I Watched the sheep on the farm the other day when the weather was having a tantrum. The sheep decided it was time to  give up outdoor life, being in the field exposed to the elements.  The flock determinedly exited from the field.  They all trotted off down the farm track towards the barns, but at the end of the track found their way barred by a closed farm gate.


After a very, very long wait, standing, heads motionless and everyone of them turned in the same direction, (there was only one way they were going however long it took) someone came along and opened the gate.  Sheep generally don’t stampede in what we know as such a thing.  But,  that batch made the fastest beeline for the gaping barn doors that I have seen.  Who needs sheepdogs…..

16 thoughts on “EXIT….. RIGHT

    • Hi Bushka,

      I agree, what you say about the behaviour of the sheep, it does evoke thoughts of certain anthropological attributes, as do Lemmings.

      Thanks for your comment.


  1. This made me smile, I’d make a beeline for the barn too, it be freezing in your corner of the world. I recall a similar post many moons ago??? De ja vue maybe?xxx

    • Hi Snowbird,

      I have used the photo before, or, one very similar. That said, I did upload this picture from my files for this post because I did not take any photos of the actual batch of sheep described in “Exit..Right”. See ‘Dosing’ where I have observed some similar sheep-ish traits. This link should hopefully take you to the post. June 13th 2017 https://wordpress.com/post/menhir1.wordpress.com/20666425

      No way was I coming out of my dry barn to mingle with those bedraggled sheep to get a picture. It was fascinating to watch them though.

      Glad you got a smile. 🙂 xxx

    • Hello Shimon,

      Thank you for the compliments and I am happy you enjoyed the post. BTW, your post and picture of Jonah In The Whale made me smile too.

    • Anne-Marie, you should have seen this batch of sheep leave the field. At one point it looked like a stage line-up. Going through the field gate opening to get to the farm track re-formed the line up…it’s only wide enough for two fully grown animals to pass through. (A bit like the 2 X 2 heading into Noah’s Ark!)

    • Hello Free,

      Great to hear from you…thanks for calling in.

      Particular behaviours of the sheep I see in their groups, are, as you say, reminiscent of some people,


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