The domestic fuel provider hunt is on here in M’s household. I hate it!  There is no reward for loyalty. You have try to keep ahead of the game.  In commerce loyalty is seen as valuable commercial inertia.

A drain

The research into domestic fuel suppliers does demand focus.  The offers in the competitive market place require analysing, understanding and then an applied arithmetical brain work out.

number cruncher

The various and numerous  consumer comparison sites quite often do not agree with each other as to what’s truly best for you or me.  They too, are running a business.  One consumer web site is very transparent about its commissions from recommendations.  They also ensure their site shows other market provider options, from which they do not gain pecuniary advantage .

The best offers with all the suppliers are usually  available on the web. There are domestic fuel supplier names I have never heard of,  young businesses that are building up their customer base, trying to grow quickly with very competitive offers but without appropriate customer infrastructure in place. Caveat emptor.

My experience last year with a new kid on the block that metamorphosed into a total unknown during the transfer process, got to tear your hair out proportions:  My current contract with them is ending,  just as I have got them trained.

13 thoughts on “£££’s – KEEPING AHEAD OF THE GAME.

  1. I loved that thought, ‘just as you got them trained’. It seems to me that in services such as these, the infrastructure of the business is as important as the price. You want people who will know how to deal with an emergency when it happens, and who are dependable in the long run. Of course, you don’t want to pay more than you have to. But you have to consider that you’re also paying for service.

    • Salut Shimon,

      Thank you dor your comment.

      A simple overview. Our fuel supply systems are separated from emergency service engineers and technicians. My experience has been that these services respond fast. The suppliers are licensed to sell and supply fuel retail from the various industry wholesalers,

      Here, there has been similar armchair thinking to yours. I have narrowed our possible suppliers to three, perversely, including the current one, who is now functioning acceptably, having caused us much grief last year. They are not the most economic fuel supplier,notwithstanding, all three seem to meet the main criteria we have.

    • Hi Gilly,

      I too reckon the the meringue, even if it is now just a pictorial memory, fitted the bill. I have a week or so to sit back before I make up my mind.

    • Hello Bushka

      Thanks for your good wishes.

      I was stopped in a mall today by guys from one of the suppliers I had discarded from my list. I ‘helped’ them recall a feature in their not very exciting offer, which, did not suit me.

  2. Good for you shopping around! I have to echo Shimon’s comment, just as you got the blighter’s trained! Damn! Love the pic of money going down the drain, that had me smiling!xxx

    • HI Snowbird,

      The list is narrowed down to three possibiities. I still have a week or so to sit back and consider, whilst keeing an eye on the market. The cheapest doesn’t necessarily attract me, however, thre must be a limit on how much of an increase there is in expenditure, Costs will be up anyway, since the wholesalers are busay pushing in that direction. Also, importantly, can my sanity stand taking an ongoing risk with the entity I have become familiar with.


    • Thanks Free. Your wish, also min too, might not be easy to find. Even the well known big companies can be difficult to operate with. Fingers crossed,

      Thanks for comment.


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