The ‘Scrambled egg’, of Royal Navy chiefs, (those that sport gold braid for those of you not in the know) is currently made up of admirals, vice-admirals and rear-admirals, in total,  forty-one top banded naval chiefs. 

P1030154 2010 July 27th An Elegant Ship

With constant cuts ‘efficiency savings’ the number of naval fighting ships stands at …..FORTYYou would, and rightly so, consider there is one admiral spare .

 Kayaks On The Thames


Well, I’ve got news for you. In the last week, I have received several letters which clearly show my elevated status, I am now addressed as Admiral M.  So, here I am chummy,  we can join forces!


11 thoughts on “SCRAMBLING

  1. Oh I say, sincerely hope they’re not putting you aboard HMS Troutbridge, what what! As ever full of useless nuggets, in the RN ‘boats’ are submarines, and their salute is different to the Army & RAF coz Queen Vic didn’t like seeing their grubby hands 😉 Have you learnt the daily toasts???

  2. HMS Troutbridge! There won’t be any “left hand down a bit” under my command!!!

    Won’t take long to deal with the requirements of the toast, Anne-Marie, providing Pertwee doesn’t make them into a burnt culinary offering.



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