…Surprising what you find:

Pretty Frilly Blue


Grounded in nature


Placed by nature -irresistible

If you peer in you may see the blue frilly butterfly on the right.


Crafted from  nature.

Nature blooming



Carved out woodland life


Dumbledore, or, could it be Gandulf…

The woods are different every visit, be it nature’s own changes with the seasons, or, things we have not yet found, all waiting for the next time we go exploring the woods.


This post, I uploaded for the first time, pictures taken with my phone camera. I don’t think I have mastered the art of uploading phone photos. All tips gratefully received.  🙂

13 thoughts on “WHEN YOU GO DOWN TO THE WOODS…

    • Thanks for your comment Gilly.

      We carefully choreograph visits- if that’s the correct description – so, that we do not get blasé about this ‘local’ woodland visit. I would like to continue to peer and enjoy what I see around me and underfoot as if it were a totally new experience.

  1. Excellent! Well done, M! You are way ahead of me in these matters……Amazing what one encounters in Nature…..Superbly captured with our iPhone….. Hugs.

  2. Hello Bushka,

    Thanks for your thoughts. Like lots of people, I don’t make a habit of going out with a camera, however, I do usually have my iPhone, which has a very good camera but, only up to X2 optical zoom. For moving wildlife it’s not the most ideal arrangement, particularly when you spot a fluttering butterfly or two. The best wildlife results with the camera phone would really happen when you can get up close to what you picture. Our fluttering friends are not generally going to oblige. There were two other wingéd fliers, one with only one wing, fine while I didn’t invade its space, (it could move) and another very well camouflaged variety, which, did not show up with sufficient definition for this post.

    In general, I felt the photos, (which I’d exported from my phone and imported to an external hard drive) suffered from the level of compression applied by WP software. I wondered if there was a more direct way of uploading pictures where I could have more control over the compression before uploading to a post.

    I will have to remember to take my camera out from time to time. 🙂

    • Hello Mr F.

      Thanks for kind comments. The Eagle is a super carving, I shall have to try and find out whose handiwork it is. There certainly are particular advantages to using a camera. Xxx

  3. Good morning, how do you do ? Pictures are good ! On a intérêt à nous occuper de nos photos nous-mêmes, parce qu’on ne trouve plus de magasin de photographe pour s’occuper des tirages, des impressions…
    Bonne journée à toi et ta famille

    • Bonjour Zalandeau,

      Ca va?

      Merci pour ton visite est ton gentile commentaire. Oui, je suis d’accord avec ce que tu dit. prendre soin nos propres photos peut etre une grande tache.

      Je ne suis pas contente avec le qualite des photos presentee dans mon post, je pense q’ils ont ete tros compresses automatiquement. Je voudrais savoir s’il existe une methode facile pour telecharger des photos prises avec le appareil photo de telephone portable qui ne degrade pas tellement le qualite de l’image.

      Je reciproque vos bons voeux.

  4. Enjoyed your photos, menhir. The telephone has taken the place of the camera for many. It is always with you, and great for a spontaneous shoot. And the quality is quite good. And how good it is to visit nature close to home. Wishing you a very beautiful and cheerful week ahead.

  5. I am delighted you enjoyed the photos Shimon. I have quite a good phone camera, (2 lenses which operate) and X2 optical zoom. All good for spontaeneity, as you say, and for some decent quality in many circumstances. Wild life is a limitation on the camera, especially with a X 2 zoom.

    I feel now, I should get back to my camera more regularly, as I am rapidly forgetting how to operate quickly with it!!

    There is exposed nature all around, terrific views and a few woods, mostly where there is protection from the elements, like along a river valley. Trees generally do not fare well where I live. Today we visited one of the river valleys. I am checking my pictures, taken with a camera not my phone, to see what might work for another post

    Thank you for your kind wishes.


    • Hi Snowbird,

      A few years ago the trees were culled, some had to be as storms had raged through, uprooting the less sturdy trees and the old ones. The forest was a mess. After the volunteers started an ongoing clearance programme, one half of the forest looked really forlorn for a good while. Masses of native tree plantlings have been put in place and are getting on with growing. A few haven’t made it, forced out by ferns and forestial weeds. Meantime, someone had a really good idea of redesigning walking paths, some ‘off piste’ areas, (though a few have been blocked by more storms over time) and installing trails for children to find things, including a wooden totem, where they can enjoy supervised activities. There is a Swiss style three-sided chalet, currently full of teddy bears at table having a ‘picnic’. Any child can go in and play with the toys. The chalet, in a lovely setting, has been used for Humanist weddings.


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