When I change my browser page to call up my blog when I am already on the correct page, it’s time to admit that I am not firing on all cylinders.

It’s Edinburgh Festivals time and I trudged miles up and down the hills of the city exploring venues yesterday.  Yesterday I walked my toes off and I have a blister on the pad of my right big toe to prove it!  Luckily, I found I had a lovely gel toe protector sleeve in my luggage – the right size too-  which has worked just great today.


A Refreshing Drink Of Scottish Bubbly Water

Edinburgh is like a huge flower bud opening at Festivals time.  Events managements have developed a range of venues in nooks and crannies all around the city.  Whereas in the past, ‘Assembly’, for example, meant wandering up to, at most, two large locations, now, you will find “Assembly” mini hubs all about the city.   The other major venues  also seem to have spread their wings like this.  I gave up on confusion,  it made me footsore and it took up too much valuable festive time!


  1. It’s a great pleasure, walking in an agreeable environment, walking until we tire… but an aching toe…? I hope you didn’t keep punishing that toe after it started signaling. Now is the time for a little tenderness towards your extremities.

    • 🙂 🙂

      Shimon, my large right extreme foot digit was, sadly, required to propel me much further, (ooh it hurt ) to a mode of transport to get me back to my place of rest. I am now doing exactly what you suggest. I do believe the digit is much happier.

      Thank you for your sensitive advice. X

    • Hello Mr F,

      Thank you for your kind sympathy. I will have to be a bit more careful, that’s for sure.

      I have seen some shows, talked to Festival visitors, which I like doing. The ambience lends itself to communicating if you want to. You never know just what might crop up in a conversation, or what you may learn. This visit, I don’t think I will have extended my activities to the level of previous occasions, not entirely due to being footsore, though it does not help. Edinburgh is a great friendly festival catering for just about every age group on or off the street.


  2. I remember you thoroughly enjoyed it when you went before. Sympathy for the big toe: I discovered yesterday that I had developed a blister under my right big toe too! What is it about BTs?? I find these days that it’s not getting round everything that matters, it’s having time to home in on a few and explore. Happy hunting and chatting – may your toes be very comfortable!

    • Oh Gill, I honestly and truly feel for your BT. The two of us…who could know! The gel toe sleeve I found in my luggage was the best remedy ever! I must have packed it years ago when I had other toe/foot developments, never removed it and hey! My guardian angel was very thoughtful. 🙂

      The reconnoitring was about homing in, but also where to find things to do just that very thing. The basic concepts of the festival that I wrote about before, are still the same, but the moveable objects have moved and spawned large family networks. It is easy to return to the fixed points, though, even their physical designs have changed. I think security has a part to play in some of the re-designing. All that said, I have seen one show that was in need of extra polish and refinement, (note the diplomacy) and couple of others that were fabulously executed.

      • Mixed bag is right Gill. Two shows I fancied were very popular and sold out that particular day. Also,I have been more circumspect this visit, ergo, not seeing quite so many acts. The atmosphere is worth soaking up with the rain; not quite so frequently drenching this time.

    • Merci mille fois Zalandeau.

      J’ai parlé avec un couple Francais. Ils jouaient au ping pong a coté de la tente de la BBC. Las bas, ils’ y’avait deux bonnes tables avec des raquettes et des balles fournies. Malheureusement, je ne pouvais pas joue parce-que je n’avais pas de partenaire pour jouer.

      Je tu souhaiter un bon journee!

  3. It is difficult getting around events when they are scattered far and wide, it’s the same in Liverpool, I can never figure out where to go and what time events start as they are all over the city. I hope you enjoyed what you did see, ouch re the blistered toe, the worse possible place to get one!xxx

    • Hi Snowbird,

      In retrospect, the reconnoiter paid off, even if the toe became a problem. I got to more interesting and varied events than I expected to.

      The podiatrist raised her eyebrows and commented that the blister was a very deep one…not even superficial… things never done by halves, eh. Can’t recommend this particular experience. xxx

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