I think, Yes, I am pretty sure, I have sorted all the festive mailings, both terrestrial and cyber. I do know I haven’t yet hovered over the Eastern Orthodox Christmas greetings for January. A few friends who do celebrate it, seem very happy to be greeted twice, from west to east and east to west.

My cards, packing and parcelling were started later than usual. I really do like to have a couple of weeks total breathing space from it before the actual festivities. I have kind of caught up but, it has been too intensive for me. The energy of youth is not in its first bloom from where I am sitting.

Storm Deidre barrelled through here and was extraordinarily bad from Saturday afternoon and also fearsome throughout the night. There will have been major disruption. 

The idea of relaxing in the calm after the storm, (literally) and what felt like Mrs Clause’ marathon without the assistance helpful wee elves, is not easy to adjust to. I must accept that I can give myself permission to sit and read my neglected books. Yay!!!






  1. I sympathise. As you know, we had Radiator Man here most of last week and as I wasn’t able to get on to my desk, I decided to tackle the Christmas list and present wrapping instead. Took all day and at the end of it I needed a nice sit-down and a wee dram!

  2. Oh…read your books and chill gal!!! I went out with SIL, beautiful niece and very pregnant daughter, in that storm, in Liverpool yesterday, to have a meal and see a pantomime…..the weather put us all off, we went out swaddled, in flat shoes, it was horrendous, but hubs dropped us all off and his bro picked us up. It was hideous weather, and of course you get the worse of it…..

    The energy of youth is not in its first bloom from where I am sitting…..I’m the same, I have to buildup to everything Christmas-wise these days, writing cards saddens me as someone has departed each year.xxxx

    • Hi Snowbird,
      It sounds like you had similar problems underfoot and swirling round that we had. Today is not dissimilar and it is so, so dark. Absolutely no chance of getting my laundry dried by nature. I do agree about the tally of annual losses. Memories can be wistful. xxxx

    • Yes, Mr F, the weekend was uncertain, and today likewise. The temperatures are up a bit today on previous ones, meaning there’s no ice underfoot, there was plenty of it. There’s plenty of rainfall, none of it freezing, fortunately.

      I did get back to a book. 🙂 xx

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