It was so cold this morning, I knew we were going to have a bright day. In January, any year, brightness for the shorter daylight hours we have, is very welcome.


With a number of warm layers on, yet not really feeling cosy at my core, Madame M felt the desire for comfort food for breakfast. Not so good. I treated myself to a complete half pint pack of a hot spooning ‘drink’ in a glass called Salep.

Tonight we are digging into a haggis with clapshot. (More comfort food, if it grabs your fancy).Β  It will be accompaniedΒ  by some carrots from the garden.

Tomorrow is another day…one where M must gain the upper hand on foodie temptations and offset what will have been digested today!


  1. Aah – those comfort foods! We should be a hibernating species: eat far too much, crawl into a cosy warm space, go to sleep until the spring, and come out much slenderer. I can’t think of anything not to like.

    • Comforting Bushka. I guess things could be average for this time of year. Having done the deed, I really don’t feel like a return visit to it anytime soon. πŸ™‚

    • Snowbird, Nice as it may be to do, if I make a regular feature of comfort food, I will soon outgrow my clothes. Oooh, I see you say ‘a little’. I don’t suppose anyone could disagree with that; could they?

      xxxxx (:

  2. I’ll pass on the Salep but I have eaten clapshot and sausages a couple of times when in that part of the world many years ago. Generally I’m not one for comfort food except for biscuits with a cup of tea. xx

  3. Mr F

    All tastes differ fortunately for trade. A couple of biscuits a month does me. I think my decline into comfort food yesterday, will be *it* for a good long time. The haggis was not to my taste, however, I did enjoy my Clapshot. Fortunately, it was a small haggis and hubs demolished it quite happily.


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