Out on recent walks I came across some of nature’s curiosities. My DSLR camera has been busy. Me, well, I just edited in photos and edited out what I thought didn’t work. What was left seemed quite interesting. See what you think.

Frost And Wind Burnt Leaves May 2019
More Frost And Wind Burnt leaves May 2019

These trees were in a sheltered setting. In February this year we had an unexpected spell of very mild weather, plant life was confused. The trees leaved early, only to be caught out by a sudden dip in temperatures, frost, gales, and wintry weather. The trees will shed their leaves just like they should do in Autumn, and at a time when they should be bursting forth with the new spring growth.

Wild Life?

Sauntering down another path, we came across an interesting creature in the lee of a Gorse bush. If you peer into the bush you will see another.

Gorse Spikes

Do not touch! Nature has her own way of warning off marauders. Those Gorse spikes are nasty. You really would not want to be caught up in them. They flower all year round. At this time of year (spring/summer) Gorse puts on a good show, the flowers are abundantly at their best, as you will see in the photos above and below.

Pussy Willow Buds

We passed on by the Willow, the only one we saw.

Elegant Nettles

Nettles vigorously grew, as they do; these were in the early stages of growing and filling out, elegant and beautifully formed. Another one of Nature’s stings, best avoided. There were no Dock Leaves in sight with which to offer temporary nettle sting relief (first aid).


These twigs were glittering like rods of shiny silver in the sunlight. The stunning effect, I knew, would be hard to capture. I guess the camera did its best.

We ambled on and near the end of our walk this tranquil scene came into view.

8 thoughts on “DO NOT TOUCH

  1. Lovely! You’ve captured things that are betwixt and between, ready for one season and caught unawares by another. Well done on getting all those ducks upended – I know from experience how long it can take, waiting for one duck to do that, never mind three.

  2. A neat synopsis…I like ‘betwixt and between’. I have three bushes and a young tree caught out by the weather. It will take a lot of effort for the bushes and trees to recover, to leaf and flower twice in one year.

    The upended birds were a treat to watch. I thought the young ones were proving they could copy what their parents were doing.

  3. Lovely post and good pictures. A too warm Easter followed by much cooler weather appeared to confuse many plants. The ‘bottoms-up’ ducks made me smile. xx

    • Hi Mr F,

      Thank you for the compliment, I am pleased you liked the pictures. Visual and written explanations of curious sights are very useful. I shall be observing my own shrubs and a young tree, to see if they recover any time this year. Xxx

  4. The ducks and fox figurine had me smiling. Goodness, wind-burnt leaves! Your weather is certainly unpredictable. I really enjoyed this

  5. Hi, I have been wondering if anyone would notice the foxy figurines! There are some others you unexpectedly come across too, Snowbird.

    There is a fair bit of unpredictability about our weather. It is surprising how many garden shrubs have been affected by the weather conditions. I dread to think what those winds could do to me…you’ve got to be more than hardy.

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