Since WP introduced their block system and I decided to try it out, I haven’t found a way to return to the tried and trusted ‘get on yer page and just write’ editor. What are the advantages of the block design?

I am not asking the question to answer it, I am hoping other people will be able to give me answers. Any takers?

Off for a cup of tea!

13 thoughts on “WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES?

  1. Yes, here is one! I hate it – I can’t figure it out. It’s not nearly as user-friendly as the old system and I really don’t know what the advantages are supposed to be. However, WordPress seems to have deleted the tried and trusted system so I guess we will all have to re-educate ourselves.

    • I dislike ye blocke thingy too, for exactly the same reasons as yours. Pity ye blocke isn’t due for execution. Every paragraph is a separate entity, unlinked from the whole. Weird!

  2. Hi Anne-Marie,
    I wrote the post on my laptop, ergo, a computer, using WP and my website on the platform. Presumably, that would be via the web. I am writing my reply to you on a mobile device, my tablet, through which, I access WP via their own site where my website resides. I don’t use an App. Tried once, it never did what it was meant to. I respond via email notifications of replies. Hope this helps clear up your puzzlement.

    • Ahhh, I use the app it has improved over the last few upgrades. I use it for checking comments and replies. I used to compose in my computer via the web browser direct on WP site but my lack of desk time meant I use the app, with more success than when I first tried a couple of years ago.

      • Interesting. I don’t think I will download the app again to my iPad. Things seem to be working okay just now with my current set up, which links me to my WP admin page. Email notifications work well with replies. This one is written on my phone.


  3. I continue to use the old editor so I can’t help. As with most things, especially to do with computers, anything new is invariably not better so I avoid for as long as I can. xx

    • Hi Mr F,

      We are then curious, Gilly and I, how you have held on to the old editor. Where is it to be found? We’d love to get back to it. Your guidance would be very gratefully received.

      • From my home page I click on My Sites (top left), scroll down left-hand side and click on WP Admin then click on the Posts icon (3rd one down), click on the Add New box and up comes the old editor. xx

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