Dear ALL and especially Mr F,

Your instructions. Mr F on how to find the straightforward to use classic editor led me on the pathway to retrieve it.  The classic editor did automatically open the second time I tried it;  but, now I know where to find it I will happily go through the process, if I have to, to open it up myself.

Once you’ve given the new block editor a try, it sticks to your site like a limpet, taking priority in opening up. If, therefore, you want to continue to avoid the block editor for as long as you can, and you also want to avoid the kerfuffle of finding your way back to it, DON’T TRY OUT THE NEW BLOCK EDITOR in the first place. Of course, I accept some people might wish to try it and also like it, so be it.

For those of us who liked what we had,Mr F’s instructions started as follows:

From your home page go to WP ‘My Sites’ left hand side

scroll down to to ‘WP Admin’. (it’s the last one listed)

Then click on the ‘posts icon’ (mine’s a board pin) which was the 3rd one down for Mr F. On my computer it was the second one down. It opens up a sub menu;

Then click on the ‘add new’.  This bit did not bring up the classic editor for me…remember limpets.  However- I saw;

On the top right hand side of the page there is access to settings. It’s the usual cog icon. You may have to click on the three vertical dots for a drop down menu.  In there (somewhere) you are given the option to ‘use the old classic editor’.

Happy hunting; have a delightful reunion!




    • Delighted the trail led to the right concluding execution point for you Gilly. Could we say, Blocky block is, for the foreseeable future, past it in the past?!!

    • Hi Free,

      I hope it works okay for you. No reason why it shouldn’t that I can think of……….but then who knows what perversity the internet can delight in!

  1. Having read your last post first I’m delighted to hear you all have a way back to the old editor! How marvelous, there’s nothing worse than things changing for the worse. I would have been no help at all as I have my own site, mainly to avoid adverts and this sort of thing, but given it’s still wordpress things do change and cause havoc!xxx

    • Thanks Snowbird. Is your own site offered differently, is your editor straightforward?

      The block editor was operating every paragraph in separate blocks. It was as if the ‘design’ was a melange of computer coding that did not connect up with itself. It felt very stilted and discouraged posting fluency.

      I wonder if we were being used as beta testers. xxx

      • I bought my site to get rid of adverts, the editor is pretty straightforward but every time the site updates I have problems with comments and people trying to leave comments. Why things can’t stay as they are is beyond

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