The yearly hunt for new utility suppliers and insurers has been in full swing. Loyalty is costly, there is no value to the customer, you and me,  in being loyal to any utility and insurance company.  I noticed one company was lauding its plans for offering loyalty to its customers. Attractive though it sounded, on further investigation, the primary up front costs were not competitive in order to give it a try.  With terms and conditions always changing – the requirements of the underwriters, or because of taxes, are the stock reasons to date – there’s no confidence, nor is there any evidence on which to base this offering.  The annual research of the market is wearisome, but made totally necessary, if you want to keep budgets within personal means. Service companies, (including banks) rely on inertia. Many signals have indicated for some time that people are being priced out of the insurance market. There is already significant fuel and food poverty here in the U.K.

My suppliers’ fuel quote for a 1 year fixed price tariff has changed in four days and not to my advantage. A quick review of a number of companies I had considered demonstrated that the increase was across the board. What was not general, were the amounts by which prices had increased. My energy supplier wanted about £108 per annum more than their original quotation.

In general, increases with the other companies of interest ranged from about £13 – £24 per annum for a one year fixed price tariff.  Then, I tripped across an attractive two years fixed price deal at a very similar increase to one of the other competing providers.  It was described today as the cheapest two year fix on the market. Considering the volatility of the times we are living in on so many fronts, including international fuel supplies, it goes without saying, after hair-raising experiences with a previous supplier that I checked a lot of reviews on this company.



Two years peace of mind and one less concern next year is very tempting…….


12 thoughts on “WHAT PRICE LOYALTY?

    • Hi Gilly,

      The annual round of seeking out service companies drives us witless. They bank on it! There are many people of all age groups who are sluggish about moving on, who keep undeserved loyalties and there are so many who cannot do the research and make changes on their own. (Sigh)

      Although the two year fixed slot will cost a little more per month, I recognise there’s a bit of metaphoric crystal ball gazing, I have decided to go with it. Too early to say much more, other that it is all online. The company was easy enough to contact.

      FYI, we, here in the far north already pay higher tariffs than even further south in Scotland, let alone the rest of the sceptered isle. Yet, we produce a greater part of the fuel that goes into the grid. There is talk of this inequitable situation being remedied some time next year. I will believe it when I see it.

  1. I know someone whose pet insurance quote was nearly double last year despite not having claimed for some years. Needless to say they’re going elsewhere for that, along with car and home insurances which were with the same company. xx

    • Hi Mr F,

      We are driven to get on the annual hamster wheel. Companies rely on inertia to give tempting offers to new customers, knowing probably, that some of them may join the inertia group. The whole process is a cynical business exercise. Xxx

  2. I switched to a Bulb, as my energy suppler. I knew people who had switched to them no problem and they were about 2/3rds less than my (at that time) supplier.

    ‘‘Tis a nightmare digging around comparison sites and then going direct, even calling the odd one to see if they could be bartered down.

    Insurances = legalised extortion *sigh*

    • Your last comment Anne-Marie is exactly what you describe. I think those who believe in insurance are providing for those who have let theirs go for whatever reason. Then, there is the business bottom line. Pockets are not infinite, their depths are not limitless. On the whole, customers are not well served.

      Are you still with Bulb? I haven’t tried it. Am I right in thinking they sell only variable tariffs? It is a total pain having to run ragged around the companies, comparing and calculating what’s on offer. Xxx

      • I’m still with them, I get regular emails detailing any changes and when my next direct debit will be taken, cannot fault their communication skills. I haven’t had mad fluctuations in prices yet. Their website is very informative.

        Cannot remember if you have my email, because if I were to recommend you we would both get £50 credited to our accounts as a thank you.

  3. I’ve started to process to sign up with the 2year fix now. You’ll see from my reply to Gilly, Where I live the fuel tariffs are charged at a higher rate than most of this island. I’ll keep a check on things, just the same. Bulb is one of the companies I looked at, however, my concern was variability, especially in the present political climate.

    I have a contact form linked my home page. If you click on ‘contact’ you’ll be able to PM me.

  4. That does sound tempting! It is hard work keeping on top of these companies, I’ve just changed my phone over to another company, as soon as I said I was leaving they offered to cut the monthly bill in half! I’d already switched by then. I did enjoy these pictures, especially the chair against the wall.xxx

    • Hi Snowbird,

      I’ve given in to temptation! The company I’m leaving has contacted me twice today, offering me a super offer I ‘couldn’t refuse’……. ‘cept I could. Their one year fix was not exciting enough. Their two year fix was off the scale!! Sure, I’m paying a bit more per month for the two year fix, though, relatively speaking, not that much more than the one year fix. For my peace of mind it’s worth it. I think I’ve got a sorry to lose you message waiting now, to top it all.

      Isn’t it good to be wanted. xxxxxx
      P.S Not at any price.


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