I feel there have been changes for the better, however, toddling lesson number one still applies; not to run before I can walk.

Once or twice I have been late taking my medication and became very aware why I should keep up with the doses. 

We have been out in the car, not long journeys, I would’t manage that. Getting stuck in a traffic jam  is a great indicator of what I can tolerate.

We chose to go to a particular Tesco’s store about 5 miles away from where we are staying, because the store provides mobility electric scooters with which I can tootle around the store. That wee bit of independance is a great boost. Staff in the store were so kind and thoughtful, e.g.telling me how to jump the Customer Services queue so as to get a scooter key!

Electric Mobility Scooter

The car park attendant let us park in the disabled people’s parking bays without a permit, though not before he scared us witless by suggesting he’d test out my need of crutches. Hubs jumped in front of me as a protective barrier. Car parking man told us what he said was a joke. (*******!!!)   The car was ignored by him from then on.

Elbow Crutches

I’ve only had one other doubtful incident, and that was passing through the checkout at a Lidl’s store. A customer  behind me, (who was definitely no youngster) got into a shopping bag rage when the cashier asked if I could manage, (I wobbled on my crutches when I paid).  Cashier and I gave each other knowing looks and I thanked him profusely for his concern. Surprising what ownership of a shopping bag can do.

13 thoughts on “2. ACCIDENT – BAG RAGE

  1. Hi Snowbird,
    It does feel cold sitting too long even if mild outside. Seasons are definitely changing and temperatures are lowering. I hope the offensive old guy behind me at the checkout gains some insight. And as you say, that parking guy….!

  2. Oh my, glad your tottering are progressing slowly and steadily. It’s nice to know there are some compassionate people out there.

    I’m ready to stay in for the next few months, I’m nit liking the cold, wet, windy, dark, dank dats ahead.

  3. Funny you say that, mine does the same… though not in French, it corrects those typos. Perverse, or what! I would have thought that as the auto-correct does such a super crap job with accepted language, it might work counter-intuitively with others

  4. Thanks Gilly. I did reply but the darn thing got stuck in the recesses of transmission, never to be seen again.

    I got out to have my hair done yesterday, much needed and I feel loads better for it. The bus stop was outside the hairdresser’s emporium. Hubs is very protective and prefers to come with me on bus rides. He’s good to have around when there are jerks – in more ways than one – which ensures I am not knocked against anything, get seated safely and so on. The bus drivers on the whole are very helpful.

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