P1000459 A pair of FulmarsProgress has been on target, at least my target. Seven weeks today I landed in hospital with fractures. I am not quite ready to throw away my crutches, but I no longer use them at home. It’s a slippy time of year and outside I like the security of being able to test out the ground in front of me with the crutch ferrules when needs must.


Shell in spume

I finally finished reading a particular book while I have been restricted. It was one of those that I willed myself to read, just so I could say I had read it, if anyone asked me again, if I had. It is amazing how quickly you can learn to skim through a page. The book would have benefitted from a good bit of editing. After all, short books are not unknown. One even won the Booker Prize one year. I think you could say that’s another kind of progressed target.






14 thoughts on “TArgetS.

  1. I like ‘susted’ too! Very pleased to hear of your progress although you’re wise to test out the ground first especially with all those wet leaves on the surface.

  2. Hi Gilly,

    Leaves, sprayed mud from sodden fields, from the movements of farm vehicles and added to that, mushy grass cuttings from cur verges. They all make for slipping hazards, not to mention, in addition broken drain grates and wet manhole covers.

    • Merci Zalandeau pour tes souhaites. Le vitesse d’un Lapin; je n’ai pas jamais eu une velocite comme ce la du vente. Si je seras le developper, je pourras fais des marathons du monde!! Reve d’or. 🙂

  3. Moby Dick – needed hefty editing imo, the only book I have ever given up reading.

    Slow and steady progress is good, it is ideal. Yes, it’s the damp, dank, drizzly days of winter. I’m hibernating this year.

    • I have given up on two books for different reasons. One, a historical novel about Anne Boleyn. I really couldn’t be bothered to read the last chapter and a half. I’d worked out the type of narrative of them without reading those pages.

      I moved over another hurdle today. Another one was handled carefully and needs more work, Anne-Marie. xxxx

    • Hello Cathy,

      Nice to hear from you.

      ‘The Hare With The Amber Eyes’ was the book. A genealogical exposee presented for family interest. There were first hand accounts of some important events and relationships worth hiving off. It would have meant a shorter, sharper work. All the archival library could have been an addendum instead of attempting to make it into a tedious narrative. The pacing was also tedious because of it.

      Thank you for your kind wishes.

  4. So good to hear of your recovery! I have been thinking about you. I’d keep hold of the crutches outdoors too…it does sound hazardous. Glad I don’t have to ask about that book given your previous commenter… onwards!xxx

  5. Hello Snowbird,
    I am reading a book which is a whole lot different. You may have come across it.The Secret Life Of Bees. Author Sue Monk Kidd. I am about ⅔ through it. I am back to enjoying reading again,

    The crutches do protect me feeling the reverberations of hard surface walking.


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