Endings And Beginnings

Today has been a day for remembering, the eleventh day of the eleventh month anniversary of endings and the green shoots of new beginnings. Primarily, we will remember events and people who are personal to our inner being and emotions; global memories can be much harder to connect with. Those of us that do, will have unique ways of linking. These were the thoughts that ticker-taped through my mind after the two minutes silence. I haven’t dwelt upon them, I haven’t attempted to analyse them, I have accepted they were what they were. I did feel peaceful for a time and comfortably pottered around putting away the pots and dishes. I Just felt I was safely wrapped around in a very comfortable special space.



8 thoughts on “Endings And Beginnings

  1. I always think of the millions of conscripts, on all sides, who were ordered to report and sign up and sent to war, some twice.

    Great Nephew joined the Cubs this year and Sunday was his first Remembrance Sunday Parade, I had a proud year when I saw the video.

    On to other things, how is your recovery going?

    • Hi Anne-Marie,

      I am at the right end of recovery 🙂 Thank you.

      The uniqueness of uncountable memories amongst the multitudes…it’s how others live on and live within.


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