15 thoughts on “THE MUSE

    • Hi Gilly,

      Thank you. There’s been lots to take me away from blog writing, though I have been commenting. I just haven’t felt I had any focussed inspiration ergo no motivation to blog.

  1. Oh I have hundreds of memes and cartoons about my mojo/muse going awol. I regularly struggle to find a topic to discuss/blog or gain the enthusiasm if a topic springs forth. It might be the gloom of the time of year, the negativity of news and general ‘blah’ of things, with a sprig of post-injury blues.

    She has not forsaken you, she’s just retreated under her duvet.

  2. Hello Anne-Marie,
    Retreating under the duvet sounds good. How many times have I and lots of others felt like doing the same. Mojo for blog is hard to summon at the moment. xxxx

    • Sometimes I wish I could USB connect my brain to the blog and there would be far more content, when faced with a keyboard and that aggravating blinking cursor my enthusiasm goes all ‘meh’.

      • Connecting USB to brain. Hasn’t someone tried that? It would be called something quite hi-folluting though to make it sound more superior.

        On another track, well, almost another track, I am not sure I would want all my random thoughts plugged into blog or anything else but me. It means that if I choose to, I could have space and time to sort my thoughts and even try to make sense of them and filter them first! xxx

  3. I think we all get bogged down and no longer connect with our muse, who I suspect is always there prodding us while we block her out! It’s that time of the year and the news is nothing if grim! xxx

  4. *sigh* I guess so Snowbird. It is difficult to summon motivation. I cannot bear all the delusional bonhomie that is wafting around. For me to find a pre-match rugby discussion quite enjoyable is totally weird. I’m not even into it in any shape or form. Xxxxx

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