Two bites of exercise today, Yay!

Our Pilates class arrived at home for the first time courtesy of a Zoom video link.  It looks like it will become a weekly event.

Me and hubs went out for a forty minutes daily exercise walk.  I watched a lone Shag in the river diving near the shoreline catching food. It’s a speedy  bird on or under water. (Not this bird)

We saw a white cat with a smudge on its ear in a wall crevice. Whatever reason took it there, it couldn’t have been too important because it it looked very nonchalantly at us when we called it.

A single surfer was out in the bay. No police officer was likely to wade in to have a chat about what she/he was doing, or where she/he was going.


In our small town, the streets were very quiet for a Saturday. I had no problem topping up my well used porridge pack with another one, though that has now changed.  I couldn’t find  tomato passata, nor any of the milk we use. So I took a tube of tomato paste’ and as for the milk, I decided to wait and see if there were any deliveries over the next day or two. There weren’t any deliveries  so we bought some other kind of milk.

I do understand people who live out in the wilds where no stores exist doing their regular weekly or fortnightly basket fill-up for themselves. Their shopping habits have never left shelves empty. I have no understanding of others who live a stone’s throw away from food stores stuffing their trolleys sky high, like the gluttony of Christmas was never going to return. That though, is what I have seen.

Carers with their clients’ shopping lists are having a hard time finding things. Time being a factor in the carer’s task, means they either don’t complete the shopping needs and continue to give their clients their amount of face-to-face-time and fewer food supplies, or they spend time searching other stores and greatly reduce the support time they spend in the client’s home.

And in a pharmacy, I met a man who was determined to stand in my space, however much I backed away. He was loudly pronouncing  that ‘the whole pandemic viral thing was a nonsense; it was ‘stirred up’; he didn’t believe it. Compared to annual deaths from flu’ it was nothing’ and he added, ‘it’ wouldn’t come up here!

This vast area I am in, taken as  a whole, is the size of Belgium. It has had one case of Covid 19 confirmed in a busy town. Our locally very deprived hospital does not possess any ventilators. We are a very long way from any major services. So far, fortunately, in our sector of this vast county, we have no confirmd  cases of Covid-19.   Some American students I heard on a radio news programme, who were based in a major city,  have decided not to go back home. They decided instead, to hide away from people in the relatively safer more isolated areas of Scotland.







Wandered into the kitchen and was hit by the bright light: the blinds were down!   Peeped under the blinds. The combination of a snowfall over night and the morning sun was blindingly seeping through.

There had been a power cut during the night. Set the microwave clock and corrected the central heating timer. The day got relatively milder and the snow disappeared.

Ewes and their lambs came out to play. With the fickle weather we’ve had, there haven’t been many days when lambs could frolic about in the fields.

The grocery store was limiting customers to five packs of pasta. It looked like customers had taken them at their word. I took one pack of Conchigle  from the extremely depleted pasta stock.

Saw a friend  in the store who said she had just returned from India. She looked a picture of blooming, glowing health. She had just discovered The toilet rolls shelves were bare.

I told her the pasta situation. “You wouldn’t buy five pack of pasta would you?”  ….“No, I wouldn’t”, I said, “I’d have nowhere to store them”. (Eating that much pasta would be epic and so would my proportions).

The woman in front of me at the check out must have bought the last pack of a dozen toilet rolls. And I felt quite virtuous with just one packet of pasta amongst my purchases.


Whose Arrogance Do You Prefer?

Whose Arrogance Do You Prefer?


There are devious political machinations at play here. The BBC was the first to develop anything like the iPlayer, It would have been the first to develop other forms of streaming household entertainments a decade ago, such as those coming on line now offered by many other big players in the media field, for payment. The BBC was stopped by the regulators; the reasoning was that it would give one institution a great advantage over others who would be deterred from developing in the market place! (Political and associate power may well come into the arguments too).


So having emasculated The BBC ten years ago, the same old puff is being pushed out now. I question how much independence The BBC truly has, pressurised with active threats. That said, it speaks volumes that Westminster is trying to heavily clip its wings.


I am very glad to see that The Corporation has had to start valuing its female talent in all departments, but not before they took a major public stand and involved the Courts. Internship abuses- other companies still take advantage of young people-  have been under scrutiny too. As we have seen, well known and respected radio media performers, news and continuity staff, programme producers, could be easily be poached for high rates of pay once salaries were publicised, by the “poor under dog” alternative media companies.

All media moguls are very arrogant, The BBC is no angel in that regard. The politicians and major financiers of this world we live in behave likewise. They are the unelected power brokers. We should be asking who supports who and why?  We, who use the services of The BBC have to decide whose arrogance and services we would prefer.


On balance, I value the World Service, I fondly remember Listen with Mother in my early formative years. I enjoy so much pick and mix with the channels and their quality output. I am grateful for the very good quality children’s programming there was when sprog was still at nursery stage and the very clever eclectic Sesame Street, which we watched together. None of the programmes were, nor are today, fractured with blasted periods of ever-extended advertising as with the other providers. I greatly value uninterrupted viewing. For goodness sake, how many toilet breaks do we all need to pay for!


Commercial break revenue streams would never contract. If you want to know where the real power lies, follow the money.


Major holidays have passed. The best bit for me will be to see a lot less advertising of the virtues of gluttony. I always feel uncomfortable with the putsch to eat, eat, eat and drink by way of celebrating the advertisers’ idea of what our tradition and enjoyment ought to be. These holidays mean different things to different people. I like the thought of togetherness with whosoever you choose to be and where you choose to be. I can’t be doing with the pressure to spend your way into emptying your purse and filling up the cupboards to overflowing with rich foodstuffs and excessive amounts of booze you would never usually upset your digestive system with the rest of the year….all because we are told it is expected, it is what to do.

I have warm memories of holidays past where, in one case it was insisted I stay and join in with a family in their togetherness. They wouldn’t hear of me returning home. Never mind that my oven was on gas mark number one ever so slowly cooking my meal. (Fortuitously as it turned out).  

Another memory, I was in a hostel in isolated splendour, not a soul in sight.  Over the road was the police station. The boys in blue, mostly single men, were working, but their canteen was closed for two days. The civilian staff were on holiday.  I offered to cook Christmas Day and Boxing Day meals for them.  A kitty soon built up, enough to buy a chicken or three and sufficient veggies. I am not sure they really believed I could give them a hot meal. But, a hot meal is what they got,  at whatever time they arrived to eat.  It was all very friendly with everyone helping out with the washing up and drying dishes in shifts, then leaving the kitchen as it should be at the end of each day.

Endings And Beginnings

Today has been a day for remembering, the eleventh day of the eleventh month anniversary of endings and the green shoots of new beginnings. Primarily, we will remember events and people who are personal to our inner being and emotions; global memories can be much harder to connect with. Those of us that do, will have unique ways of linking. These were the thoughts that ticker-taped through my mind after the two minutes silence. I haven’t dwelt upon them, I haven’t attempted to analyse them, I have accepted they were what they were. I did feel peaceful for a time and comfortably pottered around putting away the pots and dishes. I Just felt I was safely wrapped around in a very comfortable special space.




P1000459 A pair of FulmarsProgress has been on target, at least my target. Seven weeks today I landed in hospital with fractures. I am not quite ready to throw away my crutches, but I no longer use them at home. It’s a slippy time of year and outside I like the security of being able to test out the ground in front of me with the crutch ferrules when needs must.


Shell in spume

I finally finished reading a particular book while I have been restricted. It was one of those that I willed myself to read, just so I could say I had read it, if anyone asked me again, if I had. It is amazing how quickly you can learn to skim through a page. The book would have benefitted from a good bit of editing. After all, short books are not unknown. One even won the Booker Prize one year. I think you could say that’s another kind of progressed target.







I feel there have been changes for the better, however, toddling lesson number one still applies; not to run before I can walk.

Once or twice I have been late taking my medication and became very aware why I should keep up with the doses. 

We have been out in the car, not long journeys, I would’t manage that. Getting stuck in a traffic jam  is a great indicator of what I can tolerate.

We chose to go to a particular Tesco’s store about 5 miles away from where we are staying, because the store provides mobility electric scooters with which I can tootle around the store. That wee bit of independance is a great boost. Staff in the store were so kind and thoughtful, e.g.telling me how to jump the Customer Services queue so as to get a scooter key!

Electric Mobility Scooter

The car park attendant let us park in the disabled people’s parking bays without a permit, though not before he scared us witless by suggesting he’d test out my need of crutches. Hubs jumped in front of me as a protective barrier. Car parking man told us what he said was a joke. (*******!!!)   The car was ignored by him from then on.

Elbow Crutches

I’ve only had one other doubtful incident, and that was passing through the checkout at a Lidl’s store. A customer  behind me, (who was definitely no youngster) got into a shopping bag rage when the cashier asked if I could manage, (I wobbled on my crutches when I paid).  Cashier and I gave each other knowing looks and I thanked him profusely for his concern. Surprising what ownership of a shopping bag can do.