P1000459 A pair of FulmarsProgress has been on target, at least my target. Seven weeks today I landed in hospital with fractures. I am not quite ready to throw away my crutches, but I no longer use them at home. It’s a slippy time of year and outside I like the security of being able to test out the ground in front of me with the crutch ferrules when needs must.


Shell in spume

I finally finished reading a particular book while I have been restricted. It was one of those that I willed myself to read, just so I could say I had read it, if anyone asked me again, if I had. It is amazing how quickly you can learn to skim through a page. The book would have benefitted from a good bit of editing. After all, short books are not unknown. One even won the Booker Prize one year. I think you could say that’s another kind of progressed target.








It is rare that I can say this. The sunny, warm, almost still weather, has been bringing out bare arms and legs, there is not a hat or scarf in sight. There have been people of all ages on the beach in swim wear. Tourists are in their tee shirts and shorts.  However, I think we’re due to have rain tomorrow possibly, with a thunder and lightening performance.


An elegant lady walking in my direction wore a bright red flowing summer short sleeved dress. As she got nearer I recognised her.

“What a lovely dress Jo, you look great”. I  said.

“Oh”, she leaned in confidentially and said, “I decided to see what had in the back of the wardrobe. Don’t tell anyone, this dress is from the last century”.

“Don’t worry about it”, I replied, “I have been wearing my clothes from the last century as well.  It’s great that we can still  get into them isn’t it”.







I have been able to dig out summery clothes that haven’t seen the light of day for decades. Best of all they still fit.  I discovered though, I don’t possess a pair of shorts….the one year I could wear them with impunity! Time to be imaginative… find a lightweight item with two legs that can be cut, or, simply roll up the legs  of a pair of suitable trousers. washing up left hand rubber glove split on a finger.  Unusually, the one odd  washing up glove in the spares bag was also left handed. The two are not a pair but they work well together; what more could you want. (Note to self, buy a spare pair as back-up).

Conservatives See off Plans to Regulate Washing up Gloves ...Courtesy of birds probably, we have one flourishing Digitalis. It’s the usual cerise-coloured one. It has popped up in a corner that is difficult to mow.  The corner could usefully be used for some spontaneous growth other than grass.

Our bird life visitors are small ones, mostly Blackbirds and Sparrows. There is a ‘marauding’  Crow who likes to strut ownership of the patch as well.   This year, there are fewer Dunnocks than usual. Today, I saw a very podgy waddling pigeon/dove on our garden wall.  I noticed it hanging around last week. It is not your usual agile bird, it does a lot of plopping and flopping. This bird is going to have to do bit more flying around to get fit.  From a distance it could be mistaken for a bird of prey, but only by shape.

Keen Eco gardeners have planted up a wild flower patch on a cliff, (foothill level) on a path leading to a lighthouse. The overflowing plants were stunning. they are there to attract bees, butterflies and other wildlife.  It is so difficult to get a picture of busy bees, even just one, is almost impossible to get in the frame.

……Look – no hands

I digitally captured the only bee Buzzing  around the patch!IMG_5105

Out at sea there was a fairly large group of Eider ducks. They were moulting their primary feathers. They are safer from predators staying on the water while they are waiting for their new primary feathers to develop. It was one of those moments I wished I had my DSLR camera with me to take close-up pictures.  There was a haar out at sea which added to the challenge of getting a clear picture.  (My phone did its level best).

Two different pictures at a distance. It gives you a visual sense of the grouping.

ShOrT And SwEeT

Short and sweet. Cut first finger is a nuisance, I have to type carefully and still get extra letters that finger wadding types and I do nogt….just like that.

Finger Dressing (This is a previous weird and wonderful medical dressing on one of my other digits from 2013).

I digress.

A comment arrived on a post I vaguely remembered.  I traced  the post back to 2014!  The  comment did not make any sense. I can and will ignore it, but, I am not sure if I can delete the comment, though I would like to.  I have no inclination or intention to find out who or what authored the words.

In another time and another space I might have been flattered about the  longevity of my random ideas and thoughts.  🙂


Understand, that I am truly grateful for the health service’ existence. I have never begrudged the National Health Contribution,( additional taxation) I believed I paid towards the service during my years of working life. It turns out though, it was a massive ponsy scheme that was allowed by successive governments and over decades. The National Insurance my generation paid was used for previous spends and not as future National Insurance.  Payment was deducted direct from earnings, before we received our wages, which payment, we were told, was for our generation.

I have been disturbed for a some years by the standards that vital services, including the health and safety of the nation, are being manipulated to descend to.  How do you succinctly describe what I have just been told, first hand. Sadly, similar stories are happening throughout the UK, this country that has some great professionals fighting a rear guard action working in an impossibly contracting National Health Service.

A lively 86 year old widow, living alone, was shipped by ambulance as an emergency to the main hospital, 120 miles along difficult roads. It’s a journey of about three hours minimum, if there are no travel problems en route. The widow had been unable to move and was in extreme pain. Paramedics called the doctor after one and a half hours of working with the lady at her home. Her domestic circumstances were passed on to hospital staff by the paramedical escort and the referring doctor.

A week later the widow was asking Occupational Therapy staff, (OTS) about going home. They had been waiting on news about the installation of support equipment outside and inside her home, they said, including an extra handrail up a steep staircase   The job had been completed two days before. No communication there then.

Next day she was told by OTS: You’re going at 11am…. Going where? She asked. ……Going home. …..How? All I’ve got is my nightie,slippers and dressing gown that I came in.  Can anyone bring clothes in for you? ……Ring Australia and see if the relatives, (her next of kin) there can help, she replied. It raised a laugh. Can you sit on a chair asked OTS? …I think so. …Right, that’s what we’ll do, we’ll get you a chair and, we’ll make sure there is someone to settle you in at home.  Luckily, another patient was being taken home by ambulance, so, the two shared the transport part of the way and the poor driver had  an unexpected very long return journey.

There was no-one to settle the widow into a very cold house. (No-one had been contacted ). Her hospital bag of requirements was dropped off in the middle of her sitting room and she was left to her own devices.



The medical practice has uploaded an all-singing and all-dancing website to replace the relatively intuitive simpler one that previously existed for ordering acute and repeat prescriptions and updating the patients with relevant news.

Problem 1. Unless you register with lots of identification, physically handing in all that is necessary to the receptionist at the practice, you don’t receive the emailed registration codes for the practice’s new website.

Problem 2. Any previous registrations are defunct. However, the magic ‘No Reply’ email sent to patients has an optical name (!) that bears no resemblance to its purpose, it looks dubious, and it does not identify its source nor its purpose.  Quite a lot of patients are not receiving the email. Some people may be deleting it as spam.

Problem 3.  A lot of patients are experiencing problems. For example, If you have the emailed codes and are able to access the website personal profile set-up, there’s no guarantee you’ll succeed and move on to ‘go’.


P1030192 2010 July 30 Octo visit



What a curious thing!

WASHINGTON — Ramping up wind power in America would also increase the nation’s temperatures, a new study from Harvard found. 

 Contrary to what you may be thinking, this is not about excess hot air escaping from the seat of power, The White House.

The dramatic all-out expansion of the number of wind turbines in the U.S. could warm the coal and also the other fossil fuels which are in the burning mix, because of the manner in which the spinning blades disturb the layers of cold and warm air. Normally, the air is more still at night, with cold air staying near the surface and warmer air resting a little higher. But turbines bring the warm air down and cool air up, making the ground a bit warmer. Interestingly, the effect is reduced during the day but is still there. 


The study looked at just the United States.  It found that in the unlikely event that the U.S. switched massively to wind to supply its electricity, there would be so many turbines that on average the nation’s temperature would go up about 0.4 degrees, though there would also be some cooling in places, such as the East Coast. Additionally, the turbines would cause more warming in the short term, this century, than the carbon dioxide America spews into the atmosphere would. 

P1030280 2010 Aug 5th Limousin Supreme Champ

The effect from turbines is different from human-caused climate change. According to the study authors, the effect which mostly consists of warming, is localised and it’s temporary. When the turbine blades are still  the air is calm and there’s no warming.

Wind advocates emphasized that the Harvard study doesn’t show turbines causing global warming, just local hot air.


Study lead Author Keith Miller and Co-Author Professor David Keith. Based on an article by Seth Borenstein Associated Press. October 10th-2018


Keeping ahead of the game.  I wrote about it here .  Fuel suppliers are an unloved necessity.  I thought I had eventually got my totally frustrating fuel provider trained and I was swithering about whether to stay with them at the end of the contract.

I re-contracted and billing horrors renewed apace.  The fuel provider went into seige mode.  Online notice boards and review sites were buzzing with irate and unhappy customers. A few got to speak to an unhelpful operator after an hour or more. I waited fifty-nine minutes and forty-five minutes respectively, during one day.  The company also switched off its auto-acknowledgment of emails.  Thus, there was no way of communicating.  This firm was in lock-down.

The Ombudsman Service (Energy) assured me the fuel provider was still trading, though one weary advisor said they were getting daily calls.  That prompted me to put in a formal complaint. (The Ombudsman Service,  provides a negotiation and remediation service).  I have now had two complaints against this company found in my favour within a year.


Where am I now?  The company have been able to complete two of the agreed remedies, the remainder, which would allow me to smoothly switch supplier without a contract exit penalty and within a specific period of time, are being frustrated.  Why?  

I started the switch process; it stopped because my gas meter was linked up to a different address on the industry’s main database for the gas supply !!!  My current supplier is obliged to ‘update’ the industry database.

I’ve emailed the company.  Their auto acknowledgment feature is switched on again.  It tells you there is a ten day response time.  Previously, it was five days.  The Ombudsman Investigator has now got the case back.



When in Glasgow:
Visit the underground world of Glasgow Central Station. The unique guide and major enthusiast, in his retirement, is otherwise employed as Network Rail’s Historian and Archivist.  He used to manage this station. During his career he also managed several other major stations in London, U.K, however, he always returned to his home (and station) Glasgow Central.

Lovely Victorian Supporting Pillars

Descending into Glasgow’s historic and present transport underworld made for a tremendously engaging and educational visit, the guide, bringing to life with his words this major, solid, surviving transport hub. He spoke of the hustle and bustle of transport, for and with all sorts of people, now and in previous times. Peering into the pitch black, eyes following the slim line of a torch beam, it felt like we were intruders into someone else’s world. We saw the outline of places on platforms that were still intact where men could not go, and neither could we. Women of the 19th century waiting for trains in that gloom had the ‘comfort’ of separated waiting areas.  Our way was barred for reasons of safety, which pertained to present day use.

A Disused Line

In a lower street level goods entry, (Glasgow is a city of hills) there were still signs of horse drawn transport. The resting places for the horses still exist.

Like many stations, the ‘streets’ under Glasgow Central station were put to stark use in the two major wars, (WW1 and WWII).  The guide did not mince his words about many elements of the nineteenth century social history associated with this station. He felt very strongly the roles of womenfolk in life and death in this station, was and had been, totally ignored… he was definitely intent on correcting with his words what he felt was a grave neglect and a major injustice.

Preserver Of  Industrial/Social Heritage

While we were in the depths exploring some unused tunnelling and were in our joint reveries sensing the spirits of the past, on a nearby spur an underground train whizzed through.