Dear ALL and especially Mr F,

Your instructions. Mr F on how to find the straightforward to use classic editor led me on the pathway to retrieve it.  The classic editor did automatically open the second time I tried it;  but, now I know where to find it I will happily go through the process, if I have to, to open it up myself.

Once you’ve given the new block editor a try, it sticks to your site like a limpet, taking priority in opening up. If, therefore, you want to continue to avoid the block editor for as long as you can, and you also want to avoid the kerfuffle of finding your way back to it, DON’T TRY OUT THE NEW BLOCK EDITOR in the first place. Of course, I accept some people might wish to try it and also like it, so be it.

For those of us who liked what we had,Mr F’s instructions started as follows:

From your home page go to WP ‘My Sites’ left hand side

scroll down to to ‘WP Admin’. (it’s the last one listed)

Then click on the ‘posts icon’ (mine’s a board pin) which was the 3rd one down for Mr F. On my computer it was the second one down. It opens up a sub menu;

Then click on the ‘add new’.  This bit did not bring up the classic editor for me…remember limpets.  However- I saw;

On the top right hand side of the page there is access to settings. It’s the usual cog icon. You may have to click on the three vertical dots for a drop down menu.  In there (somewhere) you are given the option to ‘use the old classic editor’.

Happy hunting; have a delightful reunion!




Since WP introduced their block system and I decided to try it out, I haven’t found a way to return to the tried and trusted ‘get on yer page and just write’ editor. What are the advantages of the block design?

I am not asking the question to answer it, I am hoping other people will be able to give me answers. Any takers?

Off for a cup of tea!


The Scottish police authority dropped the role of the traffic warden from their services in 2014. People became aware  of the missing enforcers when some of the roads, the pavements and any road-like nook or cranny started to resemble a motorists’ wild west. There was double parking, some drivers were even triple parking.  I saw cars at rest close to traffic lights, there was plenty of parking on and close to junctions.  It was perilous to ease out of the shadows of the vehicles into the main road. Now, in some countries this kind of parking is an okay every day occurrence, but it definitely is not allowed here in the UK.

Tearaway Biker

Earlier this year, parking habits got so bad, the local police chief was prompted to issue a very polite request in the county newspaper asking motorists to be more considerate and be mindful of parking restrictions and traffic laws. There was a suggestion that if there was not a meaningful response to this polite request, some people in police uniform would issue forth from the police station and take action. Inevitably, many commercial vehicle companies were unlikely to have seen the newspaper article and the drivers  of those vehicles, (some vehicles are really huge)  while needing to complete their work, were amongst the worst offenders.


Last month the Regional Council decided there was a money-making opportunity they were missing.  A squad of yellow line painters were despatched around the region to renew faded and broken traffic restriction road markings and, in our area, re-site a few. We are being exhorted to take note of the yellow lines on the road and read the parking restrictions signs.


About now, a flying squad of ‘traffic wardens’ will be starting their initial peregrination to all the far flung towns and villages; we’re expecting a diplomatic offensive on the 19th October, if they can find their way. Unless there’s any glaring violations, the idea is,  on this first visit, the flying squad of traffic wardens will only issue advisory warning notes. Hereon in, subsequent unannounced visitations, are to be for serious cash generating business, which will no doubt, pay for the traffic warden’s wages and  expenses and add a much needed fillip to the cash-strapped council coffers.

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore

Getty Images:  Peter Cook and Dudley Moore -clever comedians, now sadly. departed from this world- lampooning traffic wardens.

New WP Post Editor Problems–Advice Please

Two days ago, I wrote and published a post through the new post editor. The title of the post was visible above my header picture but no post showed up on the site.  I re-wrote the post through the old WP admin route and published it successfully that way. The title of the post remained though, above my header picture.

I thought about this strange phenomenon and yesterday, I discovered that the post I had written showed up as a ‘page’,  and that’s why the title appeared above the header picture.  Why or how, it works like that I don’t know.  Anyway, I deleted the page and restored my site to how it should be.  I assumed I had either selected the wrong button or there had  been wobbly gremlins at work.

Tonight, I wrote a short post using the new post editor again.  This time, I carefully noted which selection I made, i.e ‘Add’. I published the post.  The title of the post appeared above the header picture and this time, the post was on the site as well!!

Action: I deleted the ‘page’; the title disappeared from the header.   Unfortunately the post was deleted as well.  I have no idea if I can retrieve the post from the bowels of WP, or, if the post has disappeared for good.  Has anybody any ideas please how this ‘page’ issue can be corrected?

One thing is for sure, I shall keep to the old WP Admin dashboard and access the post editor from there for the foreseeable future.  At least it is stable.