What a curious thing!

WASHINGTON — Ramping up wind power in America would also increase the nation’s temperatures, a new study from Harvard found. 

 Contrary to what you may be thinking, this is not about excess hot air escaping from the seat of power, The White House.

The dramatic all-out expansion of the number of wind turbines in the U.S. could warm the coal and also the other fossil fuels which are in the burning mix, because of the manner in which the spinning blades disturb the layers of cold and warm air. Normally, the air is more still at night, with cold air staying near the surface and warmer air resting a little higher. But turbines bring the warm air down and cool air up, making the ground a bit warmer. Interestingly, the effect is reduced during the day but is still there. 


The study looked at just the United States.  It found that in the unlikely event that the U.S. switched massively to wind to supply its electricity, there would be so many turbines that on average the nation’s temperature would go up about 0.4 degrees, though there would also be some cooling in places, such as the East Coast. Additionally, the turbines would cause more warming in the short term, this century, than the carbon dioxide America spews into the atmosphere would. 

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The effect from turbines is different from human-caused climate change. According to the study authors, the effect which mostly consists of warming, is localised and it’s temporary. When the turbine blades are still  the air is calm and there’s no warming.

Wind advocates emphasized that the Harvard study doesn’t show turbines causing global warming, just local hot air.


Study lead Author Keith Miller and Co-Author Professor David Keith. Based on an article by Seth Borenstein Associated Press. October 10th-2018


A policewoman called round to our house tonight. She was all kitted up with a bullet proof vest and chunky things on her belt it was best not to know about. No, it was not a kisso – or strip-o-gram call, this policewoman was for real.

Honestly, this place is beginning to get like the wild west. Hubby was walking down a hill towards the beach this afternoon when he saw a gun barrel pointing out of the passenger side of an eight-seater minibus which was parked on the sand. He said the beach was quiet, and there was not a bird to be seen. “That’s not right” he thought and decided he would take a closer look. With a better a view, hubby saw that the gun barrel seemed extra long, may be there was a suppressor attached. 

Taking the short cut, hubby arrived at the boat club building, found himself in the line of fire and also saw that plastic bottle targets had been set up on some rocks.  He ducked into the boat house and called the police. Shortly after, the beach started to fill with walkers out with their pets and families out with the children who are still on their summer holidays from school.

The rifle, an air rifle, which did have a silencer attached, and its pellets have been confiscated and the user has been charged with two or three charges, including a wanton disregard for other people’s safety.

The policewoman was an expert at précis and concise reporting.