Endings And Beginnings

Today has been a day for remembering, the eleventh day of the eleventh month anniversary of endings and the green shoots of new beginnings. Primarily, we will remember events and people who are personal to our inner being and emotions; global memories can be much harder to connect with. Those of us that do, will have unique ways of linking. These were the thoughts that ticker-taped through my mind after the two minutes silence. I haven’t dwelt upon them, I haven’t attempted to analyse them, I have accepted they were what they were. I did feel peaceful for a time and comfortably pottered around putting away the pots and dishes. I Just felt I was safely wrapped around in a very comfortable special space.




I felt guilty about posting my bits of relative trivia when there are so many seriously, serious life events unfolding all around me. I don’t mean navel-gazing, though if you think about it, with the various muddles and crises going on in our own back yard here in the UK, it would be very easy to navel-gaze and shut out the rest of the world.  The ‘life must go on’ adage keeps popping into my head, paradoxically, adding to my hesitation to write. I do not really have any idea what writer’s block is. I assume that it would be different for every writer and maybe, this is mine.  Ho hum.


Am I okay to say I wrapped up the first Christmas parcel for 2019 a couple weeks ago; or, a visit to my dentist left me with neck-ache! I’m seeing him again tomorrow.  Also, I have been following Deacon Gilly’s Lenten determination to place negativity on the shelf in ‘my daily doings’. That’s proving to be a hard one, much more than I expected it to be. The corollary is working through it and to see and hear things that lift my spirits through the more positive spirits of others. What about, “I whistle a happy tune so no-one will suspect…’, except, people would run a mile hearing me try to whistle.  Better still, where I live, people make eye contact and smile at one another in greeting; you don’t have to know them. (There are the exceptions). However, just wandering around and sharing smiles I find can be uplifting.

So, with a smiley….TTFN    🙂



It was so cold this morning, I knew we were going to have a bright day. In January, any year, brightness for the shorter daylight hours we have, is very welcome.


With a number of warm layers on, yet not really feeling cosy at my core, Madame M felt the desire for comfort food for breakfast. Not so good. I treated myself to a complete half pint pack of a hot spooning ‘drink’ in a glass called Salep.

Tonight we are digging into a haggis with clapshot. (More comfort food, if it grabs your fancy).  It will be accompanied  by some carrots from the garden.

Tomorrow is another day…one where M must gain the upper hand on foodie temptations and offset what will have been digested today!

Things Competed And Pushed Them Out

It was redesigned two years ago, and easier to tend.  A satisfying host of blooms  appeared on perky and bushy perennials during July through till October, weather permitting. It was not a perfect arrangement of nature’s beauty, but then, what is?  I saw where a bit of tweaking would work, but, left well alone, so the redesigned floral corner had a chance to settle.


Crocosamia-left sight of Whitebeam trunk

You plant Lupins to see them do you not.  The first year I had a wonderful array of them in every conceivable colour. I was proud of the the Lupins because I had planted the seed pods  filched, [harvested] from a relative. Truth be told, other bushy things competed with them and pushed the Lupins out of the way.


Picture is pre- new design

I was hoping this year to see the original UK bluebells bulbs planted last autumn.  It is very unlikely now. I wonder if my adorable Gentian Violet and my Primroses will revive. The only plants unaffected, I think and I hope, will be my brightly coloured Oriental Lilies.  I have drooled over their vivid  loveliness in full bloom and basked in compliments of people who stopped to admire them. (This one is a dead ringer for one of mine!)

macro shot of red and yellow flower

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In the recent storms, a White-Beam tree keeled over,and as it heaved over,  its trunk and branches thumped everything in its path; the roots made a great job of lifting everything in their wake. ( In the pictures you can get a  peep of the lower tree trunk).  Yes, the storms were fierce, so fierce that local people could not remember anything quite like it in their collective living memories.


It’s the time of year for a bit of exploring and it’s a great excuse to put oneself in the direction of pleasant temperatures and every likelihood of a breeze. Scotland has been benefitting from having a summer, so far, this year. So, what better than to  waft away from the sticky towns and cities and head to the countryside.

At a local agricultural show, I got chatting to Irene from Canberra, who like me, was admiring this super youngster.  “E’s not fully growed…it take ’em aboot five year to be growed”, we were told, by an equally admiring farmer.

A Prize Youngster

A brazen surprise was in store in the sheep pens.

Oops, we’ve got the same jumpers on!

These two Suffolk sheep got first prizes.

….and what about this one

A big fluff ball

Certainly not your usual style of sheep. She got a  second prize. I wonder which local hairdresser she went to, the back-combing is a little passée.  Fluff Ball has potential for a first prize, if her hairdresser develops her styling technique.




Hi Folks,

Just been rather busy since November last year, though there was a lull for a few days over the Christmas break.  Just as well, because with the dire flood warnings, which sounded like they were near, or, at home, we cut into our break  and dashed back to see if everything was okay chez nous.

The busy business will continue for a bit.  It means I won’t have much time for posting, (though I will take any opportunity that presents itself).  However, I intend that all this busy stuff  will not get in the way of keeping in contact and commenting.

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day.  This morning, I heard a very poignant story on the BBC Radio 4 Programme, ‘Midweek,’ about a sock that belonged to a survivor.

January is nearly over; we’re getting an extra hour or so of daylight now.




Christmas will soon be upon us!

I have posted two packages today, thought it was safer to do so now that the postal system is fully back to normal, (whatever that is). I have more to do yet, and I have every intention of keeping them as light as possible, to keep post costs very much down.

One child’s gift was resolved today. Rather than put the present away, I got on with wrapping the two items, which are snugly sitting in a “Ho.Ho.” Santa designed carrier bag (recycled from last year).

The trouble is, if I post the UK gifts too early, I know for sure that some of them will be opened just that bit too soon. It means therefore, I can’t make space just yet, I shall have to hold on to the items. They’ll definitely go about the end of this month – November.

I still have a few items to find. I have absolutely no idea what to do about them; I hope inspiration will suddenly surprise me.


I am known to have the occasional flutter on Facebook and now a rare titter on Twitter.

Twitter has produced an array of notifications of followers. Oh dear…… they are not going to be very enthused by me.

I have to concur with one person I know, who rhetorically twitted, “What the hell am I supposed to be doing here; should I care?”

“How should I know what we are doing here: are we lemmings?”

In recent times, the value of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have been inestimable in opening up avenues of information and light on societies different from our own. Perhaps, perversely, caring or not, and being lemmings in these fora, forms a great part in their social value.


I haven’t watched one single programme of Britain’s Got Talent. I haven’t watched similar programmes for years. I tired of the manipulations, the histrionics of judges, the vagaries of public voting undermined by judges, and the tearing to pieces of individuals for public entertainment value. It’s no better than bear baiting.

Today, I heard the respected reporter, Kate Adi raise two valuable points, which for her, arose out of the talent competition and its outcome. I am posting about them as I think they are extremely important.

First; Susan Boyle, (who I have only heard sing half a phrase via news programmes) has been hyped and pounded by the media. Her retention of her very ordinariness has raised Susan Boyle’s profile. She has already achieved international acclaim. Even I was emailed about her by people from the Middle East.

What many of us did not know, is that Susan Boyle has learning difficulties. As Kate Adi said, the media have shied away from it. Knowing this now, makes Susan’s feat even more remarkable. This lady will have further acclaim, I am sure, but she deserves to be nurtured and supported by someone sympathetic to her and her needs. There is every danger she and her talent could be taken advantage of.

The winners of the competition were “A BNP nightmare“, all ethnic groups and shades of colour, Adi, announced, gleefully. This sums up where some parts of society will be socially and politically going, if they choose to ignore what is known about the BNP racist policies, and vote for them.

And on the sidelines, Simon Scharma announced, that,like the rainbow coloured winners of the contest, who hail from Dagenham in Essex, he was also an Essex boy. So, we can surmise from this, that not only has Britain got talent, lots of it comes from ethnically mixed multi-coloured Dagenham. The BNP would want to deprive us of it, repeating the ethnic cleansing policies and activities of the 3rd Reich. “When will [we] ever learn, when…?”


I made a momentous decision today. I would try again my old green and red day eating habits on which I reduced weight and stayed happily in a comfortable place. After three years, I hadn’t discovered why it worked and being me, I needed to understand what I was doing. Of course, I wanted to dabble with some other grub without concerning myself whether I had gone over my ‘sinful’ intakes. That was the other issue, I detested the ‘sin’ word.

Don’t think for one minute I left healthy eating; I did not, I just did more of it. Action was required. I went along to the local fat club which was a very sociable and supportive place to be once a week, with a very entertaining leader. (With the red and green arrangements, I had been on my own).

As one does, I deviated from the path of righteous eating; it is expected, that’s why you always get invitations to rejoin, after goal weight is achieved. This is why then, I have decided to return to previous happy eating grounds.

Oh dear, there have been major changes which I have to learn. The core idea is the same, but some food guru decided that there had to be more intake of carbohydrates and calcium products on both types of eating days, I believe.

If you accede to temptation, in my case a fruit scone today, you have a high count of ‘Syns’ on the tab. Note subtle change, ‘i’ has become ‘y’, even so, it sounds the same as ‘sins’. Not so you would notice, apparently, ‘syns’ aren’t ‘sins’ after all, are they?

I just had a high level, (more than I should have) of synergy today, that’s all????????