Update on utility provider: for anyone who has not following this, the link will tell all.

Today I have been contacted three times by the electricity supplier I am leaving. I was offered a super exclusive deal for a one year fix….but, it wasn’t. It was close, but not better and there were strings. I had to agree to consider having a smart meter.  Yes, they had a two year fixed deal, it was way off the scale!!  No competition there then. The last caller from the company said they’d love to have me back anytime, even tomorrow!

My angst with the smart meters is that they have not been universal, other than in their requirement to try to control how we use fuel.  We have been encouraged, nay, exhorted by government to shop around for ‘best deals’ and the companies have been prevailed upon to get everyone on smart meters.  Each supplier used their own preferred technology. So, how could you move seamlessly between suppliers. They would not necessarily accept the smart meter you had. This was a nonsensical situation. I could talk about the distraction from fuel poverty, structural failures in the supply chain, their causes and other costly politics, but I won’t.

Series two smart meters are meant to ease the way to seeking and obtaining the best deals by being a universal for suppliers and customers. I intend to wait for the evidence. It will be sometime coming because the advertised universal meters are only just now being rolled out, and then only because the majority of customers refused to install version one.

The two year fix I am taking is with a company called Green Network Energy (GNE).  The website was intuitive and I requested a quote, but only after I had looked at the comparison websites. The difference between my supplier and GNE for a two year fix was off the scale!!!  I can only say at this early point in the change process, that communication with GNE has been straightforward by phone and online. The account will be online. I started the switch through the Moneysavingexpert site.



You may make additional savings on your prices with suppliers if you have dual fuel supplies and you don’t live where I do. We have higher prices to contend with.

So, guys, there you have it.  I’ll let you know how it all flows at some future date.  Just a note here; I did go through an awful lot of reviews for GNE on Trust Pilot. On the whole,they were pretty good, just the odd one of dissatisfaction. Don’t just take my word for it, have a look at Trust Pilot. As I said, it is too soon for me to make a judgement of my own. My every digit is crossed though.  🙂


Borders (the book shop people) cannot supply CD’s and DVD’s on the internet shopping site because their suppliers are in administration. Who are their suppliers? They are an arm of the Woolworths empire.

Of course there are apologies to potential customers and a statement saying that Borders are seeking alternative avenues of supply.

A general message here is that it is dodgy to give gift tokens or online equivalents, not just for now in the Christmas season, but for the foreseeable future. You,the purchaser, are at risk of becoming an unsecured creditor if anyone goes bust. Unsecured creditors are the last in line to be considered for any compensation and usually don’t get anything.

Up to recent days, Woolworths were honouring their tokens. If you have any, or have already gifted some, they need to be used up quickly, don’t wait for Christmas. Hopefully, you, or anyone else who has such vouchers can still benefit from them.


As expected, I have come back to a big pile of mail to add to the bits that went into the ‘can wait’ tray before I went away. I refuse to open anything tonight that looks vaguely businesslike. Sad to say, the majority of the envelopes were not the kind for ‘file 13’. 😦 Anything that could be sent to the trash, was. The start of the week is soon enough to sort out the mail pile and begin doing what has to be done.

I also refuse to check the phone messages, the light on the message machine can continue to flash till tomorrow.

Washing is being done as priority and my least favourite job,ironing,will be one of the chores on the ‘to-do’ list. Ironing though enables me to empty my mind – it is after all a mindless activity – and it will make a refreshing change from some of the time-consuming home office requirements that seems relentless at present.

Last but not least, I am being exhorted to switch to beta testing the new editor on blog. As switching/testing the editor is a point of no return, it can wait as well.


It is now late July 2007. I have been steadily working through my ‘things to be done’ list all year. I could have made the title snappier and called it a ‘to do’ list but somehow that does not convey the significance of what I have been slowly working through. There are more immediate daily living things that always need regular attention but there are other jobs that are of a major nature. There’s clearing out, reducing dross, dealing with emotional hoarding, major reorganising, administrative requirements and house maintenance.

I wondered at the beginning of the year what would be left rolling over by the end of it. Even at this half way stage, I am surprised at some of the really big items on the list I have been able to cross off and some of the small-ish ones still to deal with. There remain other major jobs still to work on.

There is a half a job outstanding and another that is by the side of me, started but not stirred (to misquote a quote) while I procrastinate by writing this blog. The job has to be done, but it does feel to me like discarding, a lifetime of people I have known, or memories of particular circumstances I have tangibly held on to by keeping certain objects. Yes, it is rampant sentimentality, wrapped up in stuff I have not looked at much for years. I am surprised how difficult I am finding it is, to relinquish shadows in my life.