Black Friday has at least taken the media focus off some of the dafter stuff going on in our little island. Apparently, zillions of us will have ‘bet’ on buying online bargains within a twenty-four hours period. The knock-on short -term employment generated by this activity must have its good and down side. The existing delivery services cannot cope with the demand, so are increased and complemented by all sorts of distribution methods. The zero hours contractors,  come to mind as do  as do self-employed drivers  many of whom, work to tight margins.

2Many retailers in the U.K, both online and in the high streets, like Black Friday, (an American Import) as it generates the consumer to shop. It is said that the U.K is big with online shopping, more so that many other countries worldwide. Logistically, retailers large and small have to be creative.  One way to be creative has been to extend bargain hunting with special offers for a about a week before Black Friday and a week after.



Yours truly has ordered a book, not especially because of Black Friday, but, it’s just that I remembered about it; so while the grey cells were working, I decided to go for it. The book will be delivered by Royal Mail, (what’s left of it).  I think I do quite well, as a rule, shopping in sales at other times.  Most of the inspiration for gifts I buy is found that way.  This year though, inspiration has been in short supply, a bell-weather, I think, of a tougher  retailing  market.


The mass purchasing activity of online shoppers in a small window of time will give an equally huge short-term boost to turnover and sales.  However, when this feverish activity is over and the  annual accounts are calculated as a whole, economists say,  it does not necessarily enhance the balance sheet; the annual accounts, they advise, will even out.  On the other hand, if that is the case, without any shopping boost, the annual business balance sheets may look a lot less viable.






A vet once said, (not so long ago either) that the real problem was not the dogs he sees but what is at the other end of the lead.

A black Retriever bounded onto the bus with a woman seemingly in firm control. She sat at an available window seat usually taken up by a parent with a buggy. Three stops on, she did get up to make room for a mum with a buggy, and she slid into the  vacant seat directly opposite .

The Retriever was quickly and excitedly all over the man already seated in the window seat. The man did not try very hard to keep the dog away.  The woman gave up trying to calm the dog. It soon became evident they all knew one another very well.

I saw the black snout facing and close to the man’s face, the dog had its tongue out.  It seemed odd though, it was an extra long tongue.  This was one of those occasions when my eyes did not register what they saw and I was slow making the connection. Man and dog were tongue to tongue.



Oh, well, that’s it” I thought. I closed my eyes, sat back into my car seat, relaxed, and waited for what I was sure was my inevitable end.

Did your life flash before your eyes?” asked the kind motorist who gave me a lift home after my car spun on black ice, and landed it and me in a ditch. “I can’t remember“….”I said a prayer“, I fibbed……”Then I came along” he said. I smiled and said “Yes, thank you ever so much“. He and his companions were so caring and concerned, I was keen to please. There are some very kind and thoughtful people about.


How I hate the blog posts on a black background with funny colours of lettering, spinning top gizmos and layouts. I can barely stop blinking and then there are the warnings of headaches starting, when I see them.

It goes without saying that the blog posts in/on black usually look as if they might be quite interesting, some possibly, even dynamic. I never get past the first two lines of reading, with great effort and restraint on my part. Do I have to find some special spectacles that will ease the colour strain, something to help me read these abnormally coloured deliveries?

What’s the matter with visual clarity?


There is no doubt about it, it is brass monkey weather here! It was lovely in the sun, but it was so bright and low, it was blinding. It has been one of those few days we get when it is crisp and dry, where the ice underfoot does not really lift, making for dangerous walking and driving. The low lying bright sunlight shines for such a short time, bowing out to leave a clear and even colder night to quickly draw in. One car driver already, has fortunately survived a patch of black ice.

We are not quick enough to cover car windscreens, they frost almost as soon as the car is parked. There really is very little time so the covers are left for another occasion.

Winter really has arrived now… 8|