I did my research, it looked straightforward enough, so I ordered memory modules to upgrade my computer.  It’s not any old computer it’s an Apple and what they do and how they do what they do is different to Microsoft.  With Microsoft boxes of tricks, I could decide on what worked and slot the memory into whichever slot was free.  That was that. Not so Apple.

We had the right type of screwdriver to open the memory modules ‘door’ below the logo; that was the really easy part, I could have played with it for hours.  I well and truly earthed myself then struggled to push out the safely wedged memory from the package. Each module was very tightly housed into their plastic forms.  I gave up being gentle and succeeded in forcing one out.

Carefully following the step-by-step instructions, I pulled out plastic tabs that were supposed to loosen the existing computer memory from their slots. Not for me they didn’t. As I wanted the existing memory, I was not bothered about moving it anyway. I concentrated on installing the new green  memory modules.  ***!!!** They would not seat properly.

My persistence began to wane. The lady on the helpline – from Egypt – made suggestions that mirrored what I had been doing already…..Uh, Could I go to a computer shop.….No, not possible where I live…..have you watched installation videos on our site? ….I had a quick look.  No videos, just repeats of step-by-step instructions and not even as good as the ones I used.  We agreed to to replace my modules. as they didn’t seem to fit.  She started off the order process. The replacements would be sent when I returned the modules I had.

Next, phoned my brother hundreds of miles away. I wasn’t being forceful enough, he said………

                     A Bit Of Caerphilly

Really tug at the plastic tabs like they were a piece of  attached string,” he said, it would loosen the pre-installed memory modules, not that I needed to; I did it anyway.  A blue rectangular module catapulted out of the slot making a direct hit on my chest.  I was all of a tizzy… I checked the module for size against the new one I was struggling to fit. They measured the same. With a bit of a shove the original memory module seated in.  Right, then, let’s try the new modules one  more time.  I gave the first one a real heave ho and it did as it was told…wow! The second one got the same treatment.  I was ready to plug in to the mains.

My system analyser recognised the computer has lots more memory……

C4 – Sorry?

Tonight, Channel Four has swung into damage limitation mode. It took a careful monitoring of the choreography to decide at which point it might be beneficial to the TV channel to say ‘we are sorry if…’ Of course no offence was meant on humungous scales; of course there was no ulterior motive to undermine Britain’s Trade with India or elsewhere in the world by showing ‘reality’ racist and offensive tendencies.

I admit to being somewhat cynical here, but even I can believe that C4 did not think, sorry was not capable of thinking quite that big, that they could affect the country’s foreign and trade relationships. Celebrity Big Brother got out of hand beyond their wildest dreams and brought in megabucks to fill the TV station’s dwindling coffers and much more besides.

The next step is likely to be to rehabilitate Jade Goody (JG) who will, I am sure, very soon be portrayed as a gullible victim, when it suits the vilifiers and the theatrical/entertainments agents, who are all currently in line for their slice of the action (read $$$ into that too). There have even been rumours (already) that JG was coached (that sounds suspiciously like another term for ‘manipulated’) into her behaviour.

I find all the twists and turns, the analyses I am hearing, highly fascinating; it could make for a good future programme both on TV and Radio. As I tend to listen rather than watch, a radio airing would be my preference.



It was October and I was heading for the A3 road in South London to get myself and my friend back to the south coast. It was late, nightfall had set in and I took a wrong turn in an area I did not know. I found myself driving through a quiet road with comfortable looking suburban houses and shadowy trees on either side.

Ahead, I spotted a lone walker and drove a short distance past this person then braked. The car window was opened, I leant across my passenger so I could ask for assistance with directions.

A thunderclap could not have shocked me more; the face that appeared in my car window was that of my younger brother! At that point in time, he had dropped out of family life. I truly did not know where he was to be found nor had I seen him for a very long time. We had an animated chat, exchanged contact details and I obtained directions onto the right road.

We did not lose contact again from that day to this.