Updating my recent post on institutional identification

A letter arrived yesterday, not exactly an apology, or anything like one.  It did state that we should both be assured of  security when my new replacement card arrives in the form and style I expected.

A letter arrived today with the second  new card—-when I saw what was imprinted on it I hissed louder than a boiling kettle.  In grim mood, I made a call.  It was a pity that a different operative had to take the flak.

Forty minutes later, after the admin office had done a bit of checking into my association with them, I was offered compensation for the inconvenience and the problems caused. A third new card is on its way.



One thing about us having a dry afternoon with gales, washing can be quadruple pegged on the line and be battered dry by the forceful winds. Of Course, that doesn’t account for our birdie friends who quite like shitting on the washing, in particular, my drying towels. They left their dirty grey mucky calling card on the largest towel, great splashes of it and the towel was bone dry…..typical.

So, three hours after it was pegged out the first time, the soggy towel was pegged out again. >:XX

It’s just gone 8pm and it’s light outside, however temperatures have dropped, it is very chilly. I can let the towel blow for a bit longer. Our feathered friends are resting now and are highly unlikely to notify me of anymore visits.



A card arrived yesterday; we are fortunate to receive many lovely greetings. This card though, was a real puzzle. Who on earth were the people who signed it!

Hubby trawled the internet and found some interesting personalities in the U.K. with similar names, who were not known to me. I checked the envelope. Yes, it was correctly addressed, in fact the detail was absolutely right. It was obviously a card sent by people who knew us.

It is one of those uncomfortable happenings, when someone cares enough about you to send you their wishes and hopes for you, and you have no idea who it or they are. It bothered me all day.

Last night, hubby had an idea,:idea: I checked it out…….voila! Eureka! Apart from being really, really pleased that I now knew who had thought kindly of me, I was very touched. I have known the family, for about three years, on and off; the odd chance meeting in the street, or a community event, on rare occasions, a coffee group. This year, they have checked out my address and sent me a card. It has given me a warm glow.


There were three automated phone calls for me today. I was home to answer the third one at about quarter past six tonight. I breathed down the phone to silence, then I coughed, which activated a robotic voice.

Pardon me fellow life traveller, if I am offending a real recorded voice message. In every way it sounded like a digitised voice pattern, the kind you get when you are told you’ve won a prize and… “please phone [our] premium line number to claim it”.

On behalf of my credit card company, the voice said, I should confirm my name, as dictated to me by the disconcerting and disconnected voice. Next, sound out my date of birth in a particular style. Security alarm bells rang and that’s when I disconnected from the call.

Any sensible person would call the credit card company help desk, wouldn’t they. Imagine my surprise and irritation when I was connected in reverse, to the same robotic voice system I had just abandoned.

Eventually a real person confirmed the credit card company had called me on their automated system and failing a response from me, may have emailed or found other means for contacting me. Why?

A nice lady on the credit card company security desk asked me some questions. My credit card had been used all day today in America for on-line gambling, casino transactions, oh, and for good measure, in two toy shops. The amount debited against the card had not yet been totalled up; perhaps that’s just as well.

The issue about dodgy sounding phone calls will have to wait for another day, guys. My card has been skimmed.



I go out without my gloves,I should use them; my hands get cold.

My hats stay unselected on the cupboard shelf; the wind is likely to whip off a hat.

I kid myself that my light raincoat hood will suffice; it is not used.

My husband tells me I should have had more cover around my neck; there was no need.

The day was bright and sunny;it is now a crisp clear night.

Is it the calling card for an early bed of snow? 88|