…Surprising what you find:

Pretty Frilly Blue


Grounded in nature


Placed by nature -irresistible

If you peer in you may see the blue frilly butterfly on the right.


Crafted from  nature.

Nature blooming



Carved out woodland life


Dumbledore, or, could it be Gandulf…

The woods are different every visit, be it nature’s own changes with the seasons, or, things we have not yet found, all waiting for the next time we go exploring the woods.


This post, I uploaded for the first time, pictures taken with my phone camera. I don’t think I have mastered the art of uploading phone photos. All tips gratefully received.  🙂


Weather – what to say; it’s weather of a kind and variable to where we happen to live. I won’t bore you with details of the light coverings of snow; icy roads; heavy hail beating upon the windows leaving ice balls piling up on the sills; and then the increasingly fearsome noisy wind speeds.


I have not fully opened the curtains today, just drawn them a single window’s width. I thought I had better let in some of the limited rations of daylight we have, irrespective of how dour it looked.  Here, it’s a day for checking outside,  from inside, very occasionally, and definitely not being out in the weather.


We will have similar and various experiences of weather hurtled at us throughout the U.K according to the Meteorological Office,(Clodagh is the latest named storm). What a number of us will share, I think, is the way we react to the weather. I am wearing layers of clothes indoors and as night draws in again, it feels like I will need another layer or two.  At not too hard a push, a cosy blanket to hug round me while I curl up in a chair  would do very nicely thank you.  We have hunkered down and battened the hatches.


Photo 3 by Slanket.

A Random Thinker’s Random Thoughts

Outside it is unspeakable, the wind howls, branches on trees groan, blooming bushes heavily sway. There’s been a gale blowing for a day and a half now and the sun shines, it grins down at us.

Yesterday it blew relatively warm, if a gale can be warm; today it is cold, there’s an icy feel to the wind; it rains gobs and the sun shines, it grins down at us.

Inside, helping with computer software skills, distracts me from the perverse weather of late May, while the sun outside shines and it continues to grin down at us.

Washing, ironing, searching for socks I find are not lost, thinking ahead to things not done; the open windows are slammed shut by the angry wind and the sun outside shines, it grins down at us.