Dear ALL and especially Mr F,

Your instructions. Mr F on how to find the straightforward to use classic editor led me on the pathway to retrieve it.  The classic editor did automatically open the second time I tried it;  but, now I know where to find it I will happily go through the process, if I have to, to open it up myself.

Once you’ve given the new block editor a try, it sticks to your site like a limpet, taking priority in opening up. If, therefore, you want to continue to avoid the block editor for as long as you can, and you also want to avoid the kerfuffle of finding your way back to it, DON’T TRY OUT THE NEW BLOCK EDITOR in the first place. Of course, I accept some people might wish to try it and also like it, so be it.

For those of us who liked what we had,Mr F’s instructions started as follows:

From your home page go to WP ‘My Sites’ left hand side

scroll down to to ‘WP Admin’. (it’s the last one listed)

Then click on the ‘posts icon’ (mine’s a board pin) which was the 3rd one down for Mr F. On my computer it was the second one down. It opens up a sub menu;

Then click on the ‘add new’.  This bit did not bring up the classic editor for me…remember limpets.  However- I saw;

On the top right hand side of the page there is access to settings. It’s the usual cog icon. You may have to click on the three vertical dots for a drop down menu.  In there (somewhere) you are given the option to ‘use the old classic editor’.

Happy hunting; have a delightful reunion!




The New Editor obviously disliked me playing around. I published a post via its portal and it immediately uploaded …surprise, surprise! Viewing the post was a another story: it definitely excluded me, its author, as not a word I had written was to be seen by me. It showed up as ‘For Friends Only’. I had left the post open to everyone to view.

How strange, odd and frustrating. The ‘new editor’ is obviously idiosyncratic.


The editor eventually completely developed on the screen. I waited that long, so, why not just click on ‘Try The New Editor’, I thought.  I slid out of my seat to get a drink in the interval time it took to appear. I’ll say this for it, it’s got a very  clear and clean appearance.

Interesting, it does its own formatting, you don’t need to press the key twice to create a paragraph when using it.  It’s just as well I noticed, this editor definitely has its own peculiar system.  Apart from sorting out the HTML, if you are into it,  there’s a generous brush icon, which, offers to makeover your ‘messy code’.  Actually, it’s a little less diplomatic, if offers to ‘clean it up’.  If its that good, perhaps it can be cajoled into a bit of daily housekeeping; starting with my desk.  A bit of a tidy and a clean up would be much appreciated.

Another curiosity, this editor deals in ordered and unordered lists.  If you want yours to be orderly, you must number them.  What on earth is the ‘More Link?” I’ve just had a go at ‘Align Full’, I think I’ll give that one a miss.  Anyone in for inserting media code?


I decided to take the plunge and not just look at the ‘new editor’ but, beta test it as well. I bravely selected the instruction to switch. It, the ‘new editor,’ (it’s been around a very long time to beta test) appeared. It had nice clean lines and few extra facilities. all good to look at, which, is, all I could do, look at it. The little beady blue circle, circled and circled and circled. I watched it for a while wondering how long it might take to get to where it was meant to go. Finally, I clicked on ‘return to old editor’……twice. It was not willing to do it. Right, I thought, if you won’t, I will. So, I did. I closed down out of BCUK and returned to the familiar sight of the old editor, relatively reliable and prepared to work. :DD

Let’s hope it doesn’t take forever to upload. :>


‘Beta-test the new editor’

Okay, have done, twice and what a frustrating experience on both occasions.

Pros: looks nice, has more gizmos to play with.

Cons: it doesn’t change font through the whole text, even though all of it is highlighted. Therefore, needed to change one paragraph or one section at a time.

Ditto for colour of text. If not dealt with section by section, I have posted with at least two colours; the original black plus whichever colour I have chosen.

What a waste of time. For now, I will keep things simple with the old editor.


I am totally p****d off with the new editor! I tried to post with it tonight, keeping it simple, just to boldly go where I have trod before – no cut and paste as I occasionally do – and on preview I still got ‘parsing errors’. How the hell am I supposed to know what the ineffective thing wants. If there are lots of toys to play with, are we not meant to use them? If not, what are they there for!

My ellipses were the first things to go off piste. Next, ‘breaks’ and ‘breaks’. For crying out loud, paragraphs, sentence breaks, what breaks: give me one, why don’t you…

“Right”, I thought, “I’m getting outta here with a highlight and a copy flourish – get lost pesky new editor.”

The blasted thing didn’t copy and I lost yet another post. :##


Here I am, staying safe with the good, trusted and tried old editor. I have found on other sites that I used, that when a great and new sophisticated editor was developed it was never without gremlins. One site warned bloggers to save their wise words before publishing as ‘the editor’ had a tendency to lose blogs :??: Methinks that our new and sophisticated version may well have the same tendencies, in fact my taster session earlier in the week confirms this view.

So, while I am away from home, using the joys of dial up – it’s amazing how quickly you adapt to speed (broadband) and forget the slow little quirks and foibles of the dial line – I shall continue as before with the boring what I know, ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it approach’ to blogging, on this delightfully safe little editor that does not add to my grey hairs by losing my little masterpieces. :DD