A blackbird has been visiting our front garden. It has one leg and falls over when it lands, wobbles round on to its tummy and starts pecking about for food. I wonder if it keeps its one good leg tucked under a wing while while it’s foraging in the ground.

It is likely to be undisturbed by predators in our front garden. Even our local black and white domestic marauding hunter cat, keeps to the back gardens of all the houses, so the blackbird is picking a fairly safe landing and feeding stage, away from at least one possible predator.

There is some slightly longer grass around the edges of the front garden where there is a wall and it would seem possible for the bird to lean its weight against it and crane forward like a bird would usually do. Maybe the bird’s balance is so far off kilter that the modus operandi it has adopted, of pushing around on its tummy, is the best method for it.