…Surprising what you find:

Pretty Frilly Blue


Grounded in nature


Placed by nature -irresistible

If you peer in you may see the blue frilly butterfly on the right.


Crafted from  nature.

Nature blooming



Carved out woodland life


Dumbledore, or, could it be Gandulf…

The woods are different every visit, be it nature’s own changes with the seasons, or, things we have not yet found, all waiting for the next time we go exploring the woods.


This post, I uploaded for the first time, pictures taken with my phone camera. I don’t think I have mastered the art of uploading phone photos. All tips gratefully received.  🙂


Yippeeee!!!  I was released from my plaster cast this week. I thought I would miss my constant companion, especially at the end of the day,  when I had got used to plonking my foot into bed with a clog fixed on it.  Curiously, I did not really feel any sense of loss.  I thought about the cast in a vague kind of way. It was a fleeting thought that wafted into a passing fog and disappeared.  I just curled up into my bed covers and slept a cosy sleep. In the morning, I awoke feeling quite refreshed and ready to ‘hirple’ *


*(Old Scots meaning to walk slowly and painfully or with a limp, to hobble; to move unevenly).


Feeling really tired today; all drained out. Quite a few people around where I live are saying similar things. You can partly put it down to the light nights, and the constant changes in weather, the temperatures, in particular.

Even with light-blocking  window blinds and drapes, light still finds the gaps. If you’re a person who likes a darkened room to sleep in, you just are not going to get it very easily. Once, when we stayed in a chalet, we bought black plastic bin liners and sealed them around the small bedroom window each night. We did the same thing in a holiday caravan too. The equivalent of the bin liner here  at home, the blind, behaves a bit differently.

There have been a few days of warmth, it’s relative, because in the far North where our weather patterns differ to many places on this continent, we feel warmer at lower temperatures than visitors  to the region would be. Even with some humidity, our warmth is still cooler than most other places. Nevertheless, we have been ‘basking’ in levels of 17-18 degrees Centigrade till today.  Today, it’s been a bit overcast, the rain has tried to rain, the breeze is very cool, and we’re coping with a drop in temperature of four or five degrees. Plonk! Just like that.  Our bodily rhythms really don’t know what to make of it, nor, how to handle it.  So, me and a lot of other people are feeling tired.

It’s a case of mind over matter, but as the one is as turgid as the other, neither one is likely to  energise anytime soon.  The little voice inside me says, ‘go with the flow’.   🙂