The sun is shining, it is warm outside.  I am inside, I don’t mind because I am in the amazing position of watching men working who take a real pride in what they do. The preparation for laying large floor panels was painstaking and was mathematically creative.


It was great to watch both the drawing out of the various points the joiner wanted to work on and  seeing the actual work to finish the job he’d planned for.  The young plumber  arrived, set about his work very conscientiously, listening to what we required and checking with his team mate what other work had to be done. He was very careful, double-checking every pipe, every joint that he had neatly installed. He came to life when his work was appreciated.




The joiner, who is the lead person in this work, rarely stops. He is obviously house-trained, tidying up as he goes, sweeping any building residue into piles, which, will get sucked up into an industrial vacuum cleaner. There are a couple of other tradesmen due to arrive this week, it will be fascinating to compare how they operate.

The electrician was a bit grumpy, but a cup of coffee soon softened him up. The joiner guided our chat with him and all was well.  Again, a really careful tidy bit of installation.


I think we’ll be topsy -turvy till the weekend. After that, I hope I shall be able to move back into my kitchen.  Meantime, the kettle has been well used and the toaster has done a sterling job, when I can find the things I want to toast!



“How do I get myself out of this?” The car was stuck in ice and snow, ahead was a slope with a steep rounded brow, totally insurmountable with four little wheels.

Do I call hubby to come out in the wilds of nowhere, with a location difficult to describe?
Do I ask hubby to call out mobile rescue?
Do I request both?

Hell! dodgy cell phone signal area.


First, try standing in the middle of the road hoping to flag down a passing vehicle……. A van came into sight.


Elderly van driver sized up the situation, hopped out and helped. First he pushed the car when I reversed, as requested, then he moved round to the rear of the car and pushed forward with the car, getting it over that awful top mound. My front wheels rested on an area they could grip and I was able to drive on.

The van driver’s answer to my very grateful thanks, “That’s fine, my van is no good on this stuff either. Bye”.


Why do people have to make contact when they’ve only got bad news to talk about.

So, their car, mostly parked up during the week, had to have three new engines in a short space of time, therefore, compensation paid out for one month’s inconvenience and some paintwork scratches are to be dealt with. Car is two years old. I tried to sound suitably concerned. “Isn’t that really frustrating and annoying”,I said.

Caller’s niece not happy with her clerical job; she’s been doing it just over a year. Has been given lots of trust and responsibility and been sent on training courses. Another “Oh dear”, from me.

Caller’s brother has taken early retirement, a couple of weeks ago, rather than wait for foreclosure of his company. He hasn’t been signing on long enough to qualify for a government training course. Meantime, he’s decorating the house “Hmm…I see,” I said.

Truly sad, the caller’s sister had a bereavement. It wasn’t unexpected but these matters are never easy. I was really sorry.

Next, a broken toe, after falling downstairs. I was truly sorry about that too.

Thumb operations on a mutual relative need re-doing – as if one go at them isn’t enough – I am unhappy to hear this. Chest complaint no better. It’s not likely to get better, it’s chronic, so, I am also really very sorry about that.

As an afterthought, I am asked, “Have you been doing anything nice?”



I could tell you that we continue to have foul weather foisted upon us; that we have been smitten with volumes of hail balls, but I won’t.

In a brave moment when there was sweet sunshine (note, I say, a moment) I attempted to peg washing on the line. I froze, the wind gusted, I gave in ever so quickly and rushed back indoors. Two minutes later the sky darkened and… the rest is history.

We did go out for a run in the car, just to get a change of scenery. Sea foam was abundant, a small ship was bouncing around in the bay,barely to be seen at times. Fellas dressed in dry-suits were playing with sand yachts on the beach. (We saw them changing out of their suits when we made our return journey some time later. It was icy cold and there was this guy with a bare chest and a towel wrapped round his waist. Brrr).

I had forgotten that at destination, there was a really good coffee and home made scone to be had. It is so long since we visited. No reason to go there really. In warmer and calmer periods there are sea tours, one or two souvenir shops, some artisans workshops, and a tourist information office with the public W.C.’s adjacent.

There is a small passenger ferry that visits the islands, it holds a pleasure boat licence – always a bone of contention for me, as it does not negotiate a canal or dinky little river. Because of this license, craft safety requirements are allowed to be at at a minimum. The ferry is in dry dock once the season is over. It is as if the seafaring licensees believe that the weather switches itself on and off at particular times of year. They do not seem to consider the sea has hefty tides and even though it is far North, it seems they believe the underlying water temperature might be survivable, even though it is likely to be very cold. And these local maritime conditions seem to be conveniently dealt with by a dictum to avoid sailing in bad weather.


Dum de dum de dum… nice to hear of a happy event. Today, my blog friend Pompadour gave me cheery news – Hooray! Her missing essay (the replacement for the first one) which was written in the summer holidays, has been found in the bowels of her friend’s text munching computer. It was retrieved and it has been emailed to her. I am so happy about it.

It’s smashing to get really good vibes. Thanks P. :yes:




Today, apart from being rained and hailed upon, waiting in the wind and cold for someone who had already arrived but I hadn’t seen, I had three bits of really good news.

1. I received a tiny windfall – very nice, every little helps and is gratefully accepted.

2. A friend I had encouraged to return to her degree studies when she had notified her tutor she had given up, let it drop in conversation that she had been awarded her degree and will graduate in July.

3. At tea time my daughter phoned to have a ‘wow’ conversation, as she’d got top marks for a university assignment.

…and tonight it’s sunny. 😀