We are sorry, we are ever so busy with a high volume of calls. Your wait could be up to twenty-five minutes“.¬† Sub text: it is a late evening call- they do say they are contactable up till 10pm -and what the recorded message probably means, is, that there is a skeleton staff working. I half wish this was entirely true, but, I have to admit, I have waited on occasion equally as long and much longer during usual daytime business hours, whichever department I tapped through the menus to contact.

The digital  auto message voice is quite nice; the heavy metal noise has been replaced by something with two or three repetitive music phrases that it is possible to switch your ears off from while you think about things. Tonight, I promised myself I will not wait twenty-five minutes. I bet though, if I phone tomorrow morning, there will be a repeat performance. (Sigh).

Just For Me

Nearly fifteen minutes in, I have disconnected the phone. Just as well I am able to call with a freephone (toll free) number.


On the way back to the bus stop this evening, I chatted briefly with a burka clad and veiled British woman who told me she was from Swansea. It was interesting to have a pair of grey/blue eyes looking at me as we chatted. Unfortunately, I coluldn’t catch all she said as we walked and talked; it is only in such circumstances you realize the importance of the visual aspect of communication, especially in a very noisy urban environment. We do not just hear with our ears.