Can I check the postage for this letter please.

The envelope is pushed easily in and through the standard post office template’s ‘large letter’ slot.


That’s a large letter, I am told.

There is a (standard) first class letter stamp already stuck on the envelope…… So how much is the extra ? I politely ask.

It is thirty pence more……. my total postage cost will be ninety pence,.

You’ll just need another first class stamp the assistant says …… ❓

Why….what is the value of a first class stamp? I ask…… Sixty pence, the assistant tells me.

I was just about to ask if she had thirty pence’s worth of stamps for me to add, when the manager, who had heard this exchange, intervened and guided the assistant to the appropriate value of stamps to give me from her counter sales book.

The excuse from the assistant,(no direct apology) was that this was her first day working at the Post Office counter.

It’s not difficult to understand why did I not feel kindly disposed the woman who served me. I was very barbed in my parting thanks to the manageress for sorting out the sale. As I departed, an inadvertent, (I think) loud sigh escaped from the lips of another counter assistant.


How to avoid a small letter becoming a large letter. :>>

1)Iron the folded contents flat.

2)Once the paper/card is in the envelope, Use the iron again and iron it very flat.

3)If you haven’t got an iron handy and there’s no breakables or other issues, hammer the envelope.

4)Otherwise, prepare everything a day or two in advance of posting and spend some time sitting on the envelopes to flatten them.

5)When you are sure all your mail is slimline enough for the wafer thin Post Office measuring template, stick stamps on it and post.