LOUNGING – A BOOK and ZZzzzzzzzz

I slept this afternoon. Whether it was having our main meal at the top of the day, taking advantage of good weather, (at last) to eat alfresco, and/or imbibing a modicum of wine with the meal, which may have made me a bit sleepy, is hard to say.

I made myself comfortable on a lounger with an overhead shade, which, has not seen the light of day for at least two years. I opened my book,read some facts together with some unfamiliar sounding names and dozed off. It was one of those dozing experiences where you know you have sort of fallen asleep, because you’re aware your head has fallen forward and you feel your jaw has dropped open: you snap it shut; you drift back to sleep, then you jerk into some kind of consciousness again and repeat what you vaguely remember doing before.

One of my arms has caught the sun while I slept, so I am regularly plastering it with after-sun preparations. One of the containers of soothing gel, says it contains Aloevera. I have an Aloevera plant with a huge leaf pregnant with 100% natural serum. I am going to use it. I may as well, I use the plant leaves for all sorts of minor burns and nicks obtained through doing domestic chores.

Made a mental note to read a different book next time I relax on the lounger. 🙄


This afternoon I snoozed outside in the garden for forty minutes, on an unused sun lounger I had forgotten we owned. That shows how long it is since anything like a decadent lounge around in the garden had taken place. I played with the up and down mechanism operated via the arm rests; it was interesting and literally showed me how far down I could go and also how far upright I could sit.

I woke up with a chill in the air, clouds above, no sun and goosebumps on my arms. I went indoors to retrieve a long- sleeved cardigan to wrap round my short-sleeved top.

I sat again, al fresco, and read on the now upright lounging seat for all of a precious ten minutes, then my pages were splashed with large rain drops. :-/ I immediately shut my book and I rushed to take my almost dry washing off the clothes line. The sun lounger was folded away, to be hidden for another undisclosed period of time.

Undisclosed time? It cannot be anything else, as it is still very wet outside tonight and there’s no knowing when we might have the odd warm patch that I can take advantage of to lounge about outside, that’s if I remember I have a lounger on which to lounge about.

I’ll go back to my book which, at the point I was reading, was all about a fisherman cooling himself off in the inviting waters of the Mediterranean sea. Fantasy land for me.