My Accident

Eleven days today since my accident.  So many events have been crammed into this period, It seems longer.  Speaking to my GP over the phone yesterday, she said that various follow-up tests should be done when I am ready, especially a bone density scan so we can find out why it happened.  “I can tell you why it happened: I fell from a height…..mine, onto the unforgiving flagstones we use for pavements“.  She’s got a good sense of humour and giggled, then gave me more explanation.

I have several fractures of my pelvis. I was admitted to the hospital ward about fourteen hours after it happened, most of that time in the Accident and Emergency Department.

I cannot get over the complete strangers who so very kindly came to help me, some of whom stayed with me more than an hour.  There was one lady who was prepared to even accompany me to the hospital in an ambulance, if hubs had not arrived in time. She chivvied up the ambulance service several times and two hours after the accident, when the ambulance did arrive, she gave invaluable information to the paramedics.




When I change my browser page to call up my blog when I am already on the correct page, it’s time to admit that I am not firing on all cylinders.

It’s Edinburgh Festivals time and I trudged miles up and down the hills of the city exploring venues yesterday.  Yesterday I walked my toes off and I have a blister on the pad of my right big toe to prove it!  Luckily, I found I had a lovely gel toe protector sleeve in my luggage – the right size too-  which has worked just great today.


A Refreshing Drink Of Scottish Bubbly Water

Edinburgh is like a huge flower bud opening at Festivals time.  Events managements have developed a range of venues in nooks and crannies all around the city.  Whereas in the past, ‘Assembly’, for example, meant wandering up to, at most, two large locations, now, you will find “Assembly” mini hubs all about the city.   The other major venues  also seem to have spread their wings like this.  I gave up on confusion,  it made me footsore and it took up too much valuable festive time!


I am so stressed out.  If hair fizzed, my head of hair would be standing on end and glowing! Much as I respect the arts and crafts of tradespeople, it is impossible to plan and work with their easy going ideas about keeping appointments.

The time line begins two weeks ago, when I realised a major item I ordered earlier in the year, which was installed in May, was not the equipment I asked for.  The replacement arrived according to plan. So far so good.

The Monday of installation, the guys arrived late morning to pick up an un-installed object.  BUT, there was nothing for them to take away. The installer/s had not arrived at, as arranged to demount the old equipment for them to remove. Many phone calls later, finally getting through to real people by devious means, (thereby avoiding voice-mail) I eventually got a manager to take ownership of this cock-up.

Thursday the same week, the manager arrives here, because by then, a leaking tap that is under guarantee also needs replacing in the kitchen. He wanted to check it was a genuine guarantee issue.  Seeing it was, he handed over the replacement tap to be fitted by a plumber appointed to arrive  between 12-2pm today. At 11.50am, guess what……….the plumber can’t come, earliest  on offer now was sometime later in the week.  So, we are now at non-committal arrangements.  Mental picture of me stamping my foot while trying to maintain my composure during phone conversation. 

New appointment offer, 8am tomorrow, Tuesday 8th.


As expected, I have come back to a big pile of mail to add to the bits that went into the ‘can wait’ tray before I went away. I refuse to open anything tonight that looks vaguely businesslike. Sad to say, the majority of the envelopes were not the kind for ‘file 13’. 😦 Anything that could be sent to the trash, was. The start of the week is soon enough to sort out the mail pile and begin doing what has to be done.

I also refuse to check the phone messages, the light on the message machine can continue to flash till tomorrow.

Washing is being done as priority and my least favourite job,ironing,will be one of the chores on the ‘to-do’ list. Ironing though enables me to empty my mind – it is after all a mindless activity – and it will make a refreshing change from some of the time-consuming home office requirements that seems relentless at present.

Last but not least, I am being exhorted to switch to beta testing the new editor on blog. As switching/testing the editor is a point of no return, it can wait as well.


I’ve hardly been off this cyber planet and I am required to sign in to blog land, not once, not twice but thrice. I’m not like mother nature with her vagaries and unending wanderings. I do come back to the same dry spot on the home front, so why oh why, do I have to re-assign myself to my own blog, when I do?

I haven’t cleansed the motherboard, nor has there been any rain of consequence, I am told, during my absence; even if there had been, the computer would not have been outside in any shower or downpour, it would have been sitting safe in the dry space allocated for it. The worst that happens when I am home, is ‘housekeeping’ or a little data cleansing exercise. I haven’t done either of those little chores. So,I should still have my auto sign-in facility safely tucked up for ongoing use.

I looked in on my blog messages once whilst on my travels, to use up someone else’s spare internet time and rest my aching feet. I could understand the need to sign-in to the inner sanctums of BCUK on a different computer, which I did for a private message check; I wouldn’t have played around with the track back requirements, there was insufficient time for those.

To my knowledge there hasn’t been a storm, lightning has not spotlighted our region, but even if it had, my information technology system would not have been affected, as everything, absolutely everything, was switched off and safely out of surge territory. 🙂

Returning therefore to my question, why on this cyber spot do I have to do so much signing-in following a wee trot into other spaces? I reckon BCUK is suffering weather wafting wobbles of its own. It needs a deep system detoxification programme – nettle tea anyone?


“It looks a lot but you’ll find there’s not so much to concern yourself with, it’s mostly advertising and you will get through it very quickly.” This comforting description of a month’s mail, piled up awaiting my return, could not have been less true. Mail unopened, assumed to be adverts/sales were all overdue bills. One bill, a phone bill in an identifiable envelope, virtually screeching pay me, just needed to be filed. The anonymous envelopes were in need of urgent attention. Obvious adverts were left to one side. Several large packages have taken hours to sort through and deal with. Over a period of four solid days effort and getting boggle-eyed, I cracked through the work and reduced the ‘must do’ list to manageable proportions, leaving the worst till last.

I now have to summon up some stamina and enthusiasm for another trip away from home, bearing in mind what might await my return. The up side is that I won’t be away so long.

Maybe, in the meantime, I shall find some time to call my own and spoil myself. I think I will call it ‘rengenerating me time’! :DD