The medical practice has uploaded an all-singing and all-dancing website to replace the relatively intuitive simpler one that previously existed for ordering acute and repeat prescriptions and updating the patients with relevant news.

Problem 1. Unless you register with lots of identification, physically handing in all that is necessary to the receptionist at the practice, you don’t receive the emailed registration codes for the practice’s new website.

Problem 2. Any previous registrations are defunct. However, the magic ‘No Reply’ email sent to patients has an optical name (!) that bears no resemblance to its purpose, it looks dubious, and it does not identify its source nor its purpose.  Quite a lot of patients are not receiving the email. Some people may be deleting it as spam.

Problem 3.  A lot of patients are experiencing problems. For example, If you have the emailed codes and are able to access the website personal profile set-up, there’s no guarantee you’ll succeed and move on to ‘go’.


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Are you sure you really don’t want to hear about our special offers? We cannot tell you about new and great products if you opt out of our information service.

This was the message in a letter received, after hubby had requested his bank to take him off their advertising mailing system, otherwise known as snail mail spam. It’s breathtakingly cheeky.

The bank manager said it took some time for the system to initiate the ‘no mailings’ request. Hubby told him to read the correspondence….oh, um, yes, I see . The letter, more’s the pity, was left in the manager’s [capable?] hands.



Edinburgh Airport, arriving on a Wednesday night at 10.20……….don’t do it. Pick any other day.

Four flights regularly arrive within half an hour on Wednesday evening, nearly 1000 people needing to be filtered through Immigration. There were two tightly packed corrals either side of a small space, with a very large number of tired travellers. The corrals met in the middle. Forty minutes it took, to get through that system. Around and about the walls, there were highly visible notices warning of Swine flu and how to protect oneself. (Given half a chance!)

At 10.20pm, on that evening, on that day of the week, there were only two Immigration officials on duty, and a very brief bit of assistance from a third official, who called through the exceptionally few – about four- non-EU passport holders. We wondered if a third world airport arrival might have been more interesting; likely, it could have been similar.

“Welcome to Edinburgh International Airport”. :yes:



There’s an avalanche of other language blogs coming through our blog community. Is this a sign of a global blog progamming glitch, or a deliberate policy to widen the filter gates. While I am aware that there are ethnic groups in all countries who may have their blog arrangements in the country they reside, I think there is something else afoot here. The blogs I have seen today, are without linguistic diversity.

It is just possible, I suppose, that some bloggers from abroad have joined other blog countries sites, in the way other English speaking bloggers join in with say, Canada or America, Australia, New Zealand or the UK. The Spanish bloggers have a large world of Spanish-speaking blogging available to them, you see a fair spread of it on American blog sites; though not so much that you cannot browse fairly quickly and freely. Perhaps we are seeing a widening of the audience arena?

I for one, will not be opening the ‘other’ posts because I cannot be sure that these are honest and genuine. There are such a lot coming through, (which do not look particularly different) that it is making browsing on Blog UK, a poor use of time. In any case, if I wanted to communicate in another language, I would go to another language site, of which, there are many.


“It was called ‘no furniture’ hill”. I asked why.

Just after the war, (WW2) there were few houses available, what houses there were would be overcrowded by today’s standards. Work was hard to find. The people had no furniture and no money with which to buy any. Some might get poor relief, with vouchers to buy a cooker and a bed, but that was it.

The explanation went on. People who got a bit of casual work, crowded in at house sales and auctions and bought, if they could, any seat or item of furniture that would be of use to them.

Looking at me, the speaker warming further to his theme, and no doubt thinking I was ignorant of how it was, stated that “People today have no idea how communities had to live then”.

I thought about my ‘rescue’ furniture; my 1930’s beige moquette covered three piece suite had been thrown out to survive all weathers. It was stuffed with horse hair, and in its day, would have been luxury furnishing. I got the beechwood the frame tightened up and saved up and bought some velveteen stretch covers for it. When I could afford it, the suite was re-upholstered. It lived with me, moved with me, for another lifetime. All my essential furniture, for my first unfurnished home, including my bulbous fridge, was either being discarded or obtained from second-hand shops.

Yes, I think I did have more than an idea about how those communities lived. Like a lot of people today, I grew up at the same time, when rationing was still imposed, when there was not so much to be had, when people had to live frugally, in every sense of the word. There are young people today who are growing up in deprived circumstances, not as many I guess, as in yesteryear, but that blanket statement that people do not understand how communities lived then, is blatantly incorrect.


Now was it worth staying up later last night, to tune into Question Time on TV BBC1?

My answer to my own question is a resounding NO!

Salim Yakoub was the only panel member with a sense of proportion, intelligence and substance. kelvin Mackenzie – The Sun columnist – did his usual right of centre humorous act. There was the odd flash of something from him, I am still trying to assess what. The panel further comprised two shallow panel members representing other political wings in the political spectrum. Really and truly, certain political parties should not let out people to represent them in major public fora before they are able to demonstrate some level of adequacy.

I switched off the T.V. about half way through (that was too long) and went to bed.


We haven’t had the ‘newsworthy’ snowy weather that other parts of the UK have experienced, yet. I wonder if we will. Even if we did it wouldn’t make anything but the local papers, that’s all it ever does. Really this winter, apart from the icy extended period of it, is noteworthy for us, because of its lack of snowfall.

We’ve had lots of treacherous ice and in the early part of our long winter, before the salt and gritting crisis elsewhere, people died here, trying to get to work on untreated roads that could have and should have been treated. Meanwhile, tonight, it is wet and the wet is threatening to form into ice. I also hear the wind increasing in the distance.

Today I was advised in the kindest but strongest of terms, not to travel twenty miles East, because the roads were treacherous. There was nothing near home that would have caused that worry. That sort of advice you heed.