When I change my browser page to call up my blog when I am already on the correct page, it’s time to admit that I am not firing on all cylinders.

It’s Edinburgh Festivals time and I trudged miles up and down the hills of the city exploring venues yesterday.  Yesterday I walked my toes off and I have a blister on the pad of my right big toe to prove it!  Luckily, I found I had a lovely gel toe protector sleeve in my luggage – the right size too-  which has worked just great today.


A Refreshing Drink Of Scottish Bubbly Water

Edinburgh is like a huge flower bud opening at Festivals time.  Events managements have developed a range of venues in nooks and crannies all around the city.  Whereas in the past, ‘Assembly’, for example, meant wandering up to, at most, two large locations, now, you will find “Assembly” mini hubs all about the city.   The other major venues  also seem to have spread their wings like this.  I gave up on confusion,  it made me footsore and it took up too much valuable festive time!


On the hottest day in the Welsh calendar for 2013, I was visiting an outdoor museum, a castle and its farm. The sun was blazing. Trees with branches laden with leaves were not able to provide complete cover from the relentless stream of hot light rays. I was absolutely bowled over when I saw the effect of it on a lily pond

Duck In The Lily-Pond

The impressionists, such as Monet and Manet, must have seen the same effect and what’s more wonderful, they successfully reproduced the effects of the bouncing reflected light in their art work.

This was definitely an occasion of “seeing is believing”.


Snow and ice have arrived. We’re not isolated yet by the weather conditions. We are though, being cut off by bridge works on the only main tributary road. It was arbitrarily closed by the contractors, (they had over-run on their contract time), this closure being during the rush to work, and people trying to make hospital appointments. the closure caused delays of about 2.5 hours. Anyone travelling after 11.30am probably got to their destination without too much disruption.