This morning I did the ironing.  Before that, I fought the gale force gusts and pinned laundry on the rotary drying line.  I learned my lesson a long time ago, don’t go chasing the whirly line, grab it and bring it back to me…where I am standing, not quite where the wind doesn’t blow, though in a better place from which to pin up the washed garments.  

P1000003 Washing blowing

The first load did quite well, it is now folded and waiting to be ironed. The second load got pulled in when it looked like serious rain was descending. It soon passed so…………out I went and pinned  up that load again on the rotary drying line.  It’s getting dark, time for  finally rescuing the laundry.

I’ve also been making up parcels this afternoon. February through to early March is a busy time for family birthdays.  I admit it, I am glad the job is done and dusted.   Making up all the birthday parcels in one go is a bit of a marathon; there’s a lot to be said for my habitual pattern of spacing out the task.

The reason for getting all these jobs done, is, I am trying to cover in advance as many tasks as I can, as I am expecting to be a lot less mobile than usual after the end of this week, jut for a short while.  I will be under orders to put my feet up and rest for the first two or three weeks.


With that in mind, I have checked out the laptop computer, which, has not had a great deal of use for a while. It’s now updated and firing on all cylinders. I do prefer a tapping keyboard rather than a digital touch one  on the  tablet computers. The digital touch screen keyboards do not work well at fast typing speeds.  No amount of auto correction sorts out the gaps and gobbledygook that regularly appears.

I’ve got some books waiting to be read; there are a couple of films on DVD I have not yet watched and horror of horrors, I could even get into the habit of watching daytime T.V.  I wonder if that’s enough to keep me glued to a chair. A bit of wriggling about should keep numb bum at bay for some of the time  The doctor said that there is about six weeks recuperative time after the job is done, then, I should be able to stand on my own two feet.




At the risk of being boring, here is a post script to my last post on the cost of goodwill mail.

I had absolutely no idea that there were measurement gauges for all parcels, that is those parcels that do not look like packages; when did that happen? I was under the misguided impression, parcels were still charged by weight. I was surprised to see a shoe box size parcel placed into a box before a charge was imposed for it. You haven’t seen the half of it….said the post mistress, when I expressed my surprise. This is the second one we have had this year. The ‘new’ gauge is the same width and depth as the previous gauge but is 10cm SHORTER (A whole four inches in old measurements, shorter!!!) >:XX

There is likely to be a backlash with all these ruses for raising prices,I said.

It’s already happened. My small business customers now use couriers. They can get a straight £4 charge for each of their regular parcels. She continued… I don’t see them much now; I can’t ask them how good the courier services are.


There it was ready to be used, a roll of double-sided sticky tape – a delicate width, not plumbers heavy duty stuff – and I felt like a kid let lose in tinsel land. Tinsel of all shades had been stuffed into a bag, which in its turn had been unceremoniously stuffed into an overhead cupboard (closet) out of sight of the light of day. Now, I had a new use for a little bit of it.

There were gold trails over the chair where I had placed the tinsel and on the floor, where, as I cut various lengths, the freed glittering golden fronds had fallen. The room almost looked messily festive.

Suddenly, my paper covered parcels were transformed into eye-catching gift wrap, with the assistance of a little well appointed sticky tape, upon which, a golden flare of decorative tinsel sat tight. It took hardly any effort, and seeing the packages come alive gave me enormous pleasure


Friday – the end of a diverse and interesting week, (previous blogs will tell all) which has seen me send my final overseas Christmas parcel and one overseas greeting card.

The Post Office have turned in higher profits for handling less mail. There’s been a streamlining of offices dealing with mail and linked services, (closures by any other name).

There’s a hike in prices for mailing with a further hike in prices if your envelope doesn’t fit into a pre-ordained template, which bears no relation to the size of a private mail box or letter box. If a small envelope doesn’t slide easily through the thinnest of template slits, it becomes a LARGE LETTER! The price first or second class mail, raises, accordingly. And as was demonstrated to me today, “It’s one of these big stamps with large letter on it that you use.” An envelope larger in width than the thinnest slit becomes a large letter automatically. Get it!

It strikes me that all the counter clerks are being trained to make you feel mean, again to the financial advantage of the mail service. Each time I have mailed a package this week, clearly requesting surface mail, a clerk tells me the price of air mail first, adding there’s not much difference in price between it and the service I want. Looking at it from my vantage point, I have saved about £1.50 on current price bands by sticking to my guns and posting early.