Nothing in particular to report, though there is plenty to occupy my thoughts. There is is just too much.  I don’t imagine for one minute that I am alone in feeling I am on thinking and analysis overload.


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Living in such tumultuous and shambolic times it would be easy to behave like an ostrich and bury my head in the sand.  In the Russian equivalent analogy,  the ostrich  is  ‘hiding its head under its wing’.  The Russian Ostrich would have a cosier and warmer hideout, with the ability for an occasional surreptitious glance out to see if worldly things were a little quieter: peaceful would be really good.


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I decided to buy a subscription to an e-card site.  ‘Subscription’,  does, in this case,  mean I pay for  the service; it is advert-free. (I do receive the occasional ‘free’ e-card from people, usually, they are totally obscured by pop-up and flash advertising. They can put you off e-cards).

I have access to a big selection of imaginative e-cards for more occasions than you can dream up, and there are note-cards as well.  Like in a card shop, you can assess the product before you [buy] send. I can also choose  what date I want it to arrive.

It has been intriguing seeing what does not work and what does work for e-card recipients;
  • A very, very small number say the e-cards are ‘naff’…fine, they have a choice not to open the card.
  • Some people don’t give their email addresses, so I couldn’t send them an e- card anyway.
  • Wistful responses for the tangible written card were quite common.
  • Rare, but I have been asked not to send e-cards.
  • A few contacts don’t have their computer systems configured to open e-card mail.  However, they are notified they have been sent an e-card and from whom.  People let me know their position, usually with thanks for the thought.
  • To the majority of my mailed e-cards there was a very positive response.


  • Believe it or not, I was reprimanded for not sending a letter!

    This subscription gives my friends a nicely presented e-reply note.  They don’t have to, but they do use it.

    • There is a lot that has worked for me; I certainly would not be buying the equivalent numbers of cards, nor posting them around the UK and other places in the world. The e-card subscription has added a positive more immediate interactive layer to worldwide friendships
    • Hoping 2017 will be more peaceful than the last, that  the year will be good to you, and  I wish everyone a healthy and happy year!


We celebrate with great fanfare past wars, we celebrate the lives of those lost in past wars. Why oh why do we not celebrate peace?

Having followed our political masters’ instructions to top up fuel tanks and in some instances taken some to spare, thus creating a shortage in many places for a fear suggested rather than an actual fact, we have demonstrated that as a nation, masses of people are able to be manipulated. How will that knowledge and ability now be used?


Isn’t nice to be wanted. That’s the assumption, notwithstanding it could be, but not in all cases.

I, and probably lots of other bloggers, have, or, will be, receiving a personal message from Peace, not about the subject of peace, but presumably from a bi-ped with that name. Some people will probably go to see the picture they are offered to visit.

In case you are reading this post dear, I shall not visit by clicking on the email address link you sent and I have not a jot of interest in doing so dear. And by the way, I am not inclined to terms of endearment from you, I do not know you and have no interest in knowing you.



I knew my mother-in-law for a large chunk of my adult life. She was a wonderful grandmother to her grandchildren. They absolutely adored her. I have visited her grave a few times and felt at peace with her. As other members of hubby’s family, who I knew, are buried nearby, I have paid my respects to them too. One whole generation has now passed on.

I knew my mother all of my life. But, because we moved large distances away from where she lived, she did not have as much opportunity to spend time with her grandchildren as they grew up. There are so many events that she would have enjoyed. I regret she is not still here to share in the developments and in the lives of her grandchildren thus far. I also regret being so far away from her place of rest. I have not been there since the rose tree was planted, very many years ago. It must be solid and mature by now. I feel a need to visit, to quietly commune with my mother in her beautiful place of peace, and I shall.