It has been the [wet and damp] season of Garden Parties at the Palace of Holyrood in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Is One going to a Garden Party?”  I was asked this week as the rain teemed down…….

No, One is not”.


One was wearing an all weather peach outdoor coat with hood up.  One was  also carrying a soggy, exotic fruit patterned cloth bag with a book in it; in addition, One had a casual, very wet sloppy, but, almost weatherproof, plum- coloured shoulder bag slung crosswise on Ones torso.  The look was finished off with rain-soaked black trousers and a pair of damp trainers on Ones feet.  Not exactly a picture of ‘My Fair Lady’ attired to meet the requirements of Royal protocol, One thinks.




A friend was in London recently, so, before leaving decided to go to The Tower of London to see the ceramic red poppy moat. It was crowded at all the different levels from Tower Bridge Station where she was, right to the moat. She said it worth the visit. What, I asked, made it so? She thought for a few moments then said,

The ceramic poppies were much like other pottery craft work. It was being there in what is usually a bustling and noisy place and seeing crowds of people of all nationalities, hushed and appearing to be deep in their own thoughts, or quietly sharing with others. Everyone there respecting the sensitivity of the occasion“.


Today surreality took over. Next to my car in the grocery store car park, was a vehicle with eleven dogs in it and two humans, one of each gender. I can’t tell you the gender of the dogs. It didn’t seem the thing to ask. Not to be outdone, Tiger, (a pigeon) when called, fluttered from the back of the vehicle and sat on the dashboard. And they all drove off into the sunset.


I enjoy people watching; without fail something of interest arises. Today was no exception. Two Welsh ladies,(the accents were immediately recognisable) who were tourists, were in a small cafe. One busied herself with her requirements and took semi-control of the other lady who had need of a walking stick. They were such different personalities; the moment the ‘busy’ one was asked if the two of them were together by the counter assistant, a firm loud ‘no’ confirmed their status. The woman quickly separated herself and scuttled to a table, which she settled at.

The other lady, a quiet sweet-mannered person, did need assistance, so I gave it, both with relating back prices, (she said she had two hearing aids) and carrying her tray. It seemed to me, this sweet soul wished to have space of her own. The lady’s hesitation at where she might sit was her undoing. The first woman half stood to tell me very loudly they were staying in the same hotel, therefore, they would sit together. The two ladies were Welsh language speakers. One spoke Welsh like a song, the other was coarse.

They got up to leave as I did.

We’re Welsh, said the loud one… have you been to Wales?
Yes…. I replied.
Where did you go? I listed a few places.
That’s different…….and continuing at a higher pitch than before she stated….
most people here don’t know where Wales is!

As I closed the cafe door, I looked at the three members of staff, two of whom were grinning, and if looks were anything to go by, the third one was ready to toss the caber and give her best shot!



The sales and auction site Ebay had a rather unusual item uploaded for auction on its British site; someone’s grandmother. Granny was described amongst other things, as…… can be difficult to get on with, but not bad looking,

It is no surprise however, to hear that the listing was removed by Ebay. When asked for a comment, the Ebay representative stated that they do not auction or sell people.


It was too cold to wait outside the bank for hubby so I sat inside and people watched.

He seemed outwardly sober yet there was enough borderline behaviour and noise to make you think otherwise. I’m sure I’ve seen this guy before, in the same place, slightly more inhibited. He’d met up with his brother, brother has come home;( I remembered he did that before). They shared a bottle – presumably the hard stuff, whisky – he wanted to know how much was in his account to draw on. It wouldn’t be much. The teller was careful and asked the guy how much he wanted. Yes, he had enough in the account for that sum. With it he was going to buy a bottle for him and his brother to have with their stew.

“There’s something wrong here, you’re not wearing a wedding ring”. says man to attractive girl working at the next till. She’s too young she tells the guy and gets on with the transactions with her customer. I’ll tell ‘ee what, if I was a bit younger lass, I would grab ‘ee.


I nearly forgot to mention it, more likely I wanted to forget it. Today, I went to have a dental check up with a new dentist. During and after the examination I was totally tongue tied; I couldn’t think of vocabulary. In the end I blurted out that I must going senile. It’s how I felt and I was so cross with myself about it as well. it was not an experience I want to have again in a hurry.

I don’t think it helped that there were several people in the room, at least three women who could not all be dental nurses, one wore a green outfit and looked quite severe. The others became a blurr of white and blue. The dentist was sitting on a chair placed at the head of the patients’ seat. I knew he was the dentist because he wore clinical white clothing.

The eyes were large, a bit bloodshot, and had an expression of impatience. Apart from his hair, hands and body, that is all I saw. It was a bit unnerving. He said something which had to be repeated because of the large, thick, surgical mask he was wearing. Mr dentist had a bad cold and rightly didn’t want to infect anyone else.

I am sure my new Mr dentist’s somewhat alarming presentation and all the unnecessary bodies in the room, really threw me off balance and contributed to my loss of personal expression and the ability to exchange a few ordinary words. 😳 =>

‘******* & *****’ >:-[


Tonight I want to say thanks to all those people who are making my blogging experience such an interesting and fun one. It opens up my world to a different experience from the insular world I live in.

My immediate world is insular because it is divorced by its physcial location from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is a slower pace of life in a community where people smile at each other, even those people you don’t know. You are considered the odd one out, or sympathetically thought of as ‘new’ if you do not smile, or if you do not return a smile when one is given.

Notwithstanding such pleasantries, I still want and need to know what else is happening in other parts of the land. I have found blogging is to some extent offering me other insights and on this site in particular, as I have contact with such responsive and friendly people.

Thanks again, to all of you. :DD