I Watched the sheep on the farm the other day when the weather was having a tantrum. The sheep decided it was time to  give up outdoor life, being in the field exposed to the elements.  The flock determinedly exited from the field.  They all trotted off down the farm track towards the barns, but at the end of the track found their way barred by a closed farm gate.


After a very, very long wait, standing, heads motionless and everyone of them turned in the same direction, (there was only one way they were going however long it took) someone came along and opened the gate.  Sheep generally don’t stampede in what we know as such a thing.  But,  that batch made the fastest beeline for the gaping barn doors that I have seen.  Who needs sheepdogs…..


Tapping into royal phone calls merits custodial sentences at a time when we are told our prisons and police cells are full, and Home Office guidance is interpreted by the judiciary to mean that alternative non-custodial penalties should take priority over common sense and the the sentencing guidelines. The royal tapping is explained by an Old Bailey Judge, as against inegrity and the public interest and has been sentenced accordingly.

On the other hand, for Sexual Offences against children, pornographic activities, offences which have defined sentencing requirements under the Sexual Offences legislation, those custodial penalties, suddenly become off-limits, according to judges sitting in provincial courts. Are not these types offences also against integrity and the public interest and more besides? There is something completely off kilter here.