It’s been dreich the past few days.

This little fellow was trying to take shelter, though not in the best place.


This relative of the one at the window, was having fun sitting on the leaves of growing things in the opened cold frame, on a sunnier day a few weeks ago.


I Pulled a couple of my golden beetroots today, in between showers.




Most of this morning I have been bent over more files folders and papers.   Of course, with all the folders and dross around me, I couldn’t reach without straining. There was nothing for it then, but to kneel.  It’s time to get up from my knees now and give them and my niggling back a rest.  I have rediscovered books, cassette and VHS tapes that went with courses.  There is a mountain of empty ring binders and lever arch files, I’ve tipped the contents of them into the recycling bin.   What should I keep,(you never know what I might do)?  A little voice whispers into my ear “should you keep any of them“?   A dilemma!

Yesterday, I gave myself a break from the emotional clutter of my life, and spent a bit of time in what passes for a herb garden.  It was a neglected north- and north-easterly corner that does not rest with a gale or two, or even the occasional storm sweeping through it,  there is the occasional cyclonic wind effect as well. The gardening gloves were on and I meant business.  Those weeds and grasses did not stand a chance. The lovage seems to be surviving, as does a large pot of mint.  The smaller apple and pineapple mints are trying hard.  Last year’s sage plant is thriving too. This year is so cold for the time of year, and the herb patch looks bereft.  The stone strawberry planter which I used for some edible plants is a bit mouldy and looks sorry for itself.  My thyme did not survive through the winter. I am cogitating on what to do with the ground. The nasturtiums have not shown any sign of life. They usually have no trouble appearing.  It might be a case of getting a few hardy flowering plants that a ready to plant out to make the corner look lively.

I guess I have to admit to procrastinating here.  It has been restful and creative.  Right, back to the quern stone the tasks will not do by themselves.

I’ll leave you with  a look at a representative mixed salad from my garden patch a couple of years ago.  The Calendula plants appeared in this glorious vibrant orange and a primary yellow.   If you can call a salad sexy, I reckon this is it!

A representative sample of my salads

Good enough to eat


Gardening: I am determined that this year the difficult corners I started work on twenty-three years ago shall take some shape, similar in idea, to my original intentions. There were several reasons why the creations lay dormant all this time, the main ones being, life getting in the way and someone else’s ideas being superimposed. I never expected to find my early terracing design under all the unkempt grasses, leaves and healthy large weeds. But, yes, there it was, with little wall intact.

What now: so far I have planted herbs from seed, together with young herb plants. The latest additions are, a variety of mints that are very definitely residing in their pots, they will even be constrained in them. I am expecting an apple mint to join the other varieties soon. I threw some radish seeds in to the ground, let’s hope they’re not too old to respond. It’s worth a try.

My hopes for colourful, peppery and interesting salads lie in nasturtiums, they make lovely vibrant colours with their joyful flowers. They don’t attract aphids and behave like a weed here; they don’t always self-seed like they do in warmer places. They can and do in milder climates. Marigolds were next on the agenda. I planted the wrong ones for salad, but they’ll break up the green leaf food brigade with some pretty flowers. When I realised my mistake, I did set some of the right seeds in little pots on the kitchen windowsill. With any luck, I shall still get a short term supply of edible marigolds,aka calendula.

Of course, most of these plans and wishes depend on the weather warming up encouraging my little crops to grow. It’s nearly June, the weather forecasters have warned of night frosts in some areas. I’m left wondering if I have been a bit too enthusiastic planting herb crops out in late May.