I felt guilty about posting my bits of relative trivia when there are so many seriously, serious life events unfolding all around me. I don’t mean navel-gazing, though if you think about it, with the various muddles and crises going on in our own back yard here in the UK, it would be very easy to navel-gaze and shut out the rest of the world.  The ‘life must go on’ adage keeps popping into my head, paradoxically, adding to my hesitation to write. I do not really have any idea what writer’s block is. I assume that it would be different for every writer and maybe, this is mine.  Ho hum.


Am I okay to say I wrapped up the first Christmas parcel for 2019 a couple weeks ago; or, a visit to my dentist left me with neck-ache! I’m seeing him again tomorrow.  Also, I have been following Deacon Gilly’s Lenten determination to place negativity on the shelf in ‘my daily doings’. That’s proving to be a hard one, much more than I expected it to be. The corollary is working through it and to see and hear things that lift my spirits through the more positive spirits of others. What about, “I whistle a happy tune so no-one will suspect…’, except, people would run a mile hearing me try to whistle.  Better still, where I live, people make eye contact and smile at one another in greeting; you don’t have to know them. (There are the exceptions). However, just wandering around and sharing smiles I find can be uplifting.

So, with a smiley….TTFN    🙂



Went down for a walk in the woods today, and there was a big surprise…….most of it (the wood) had disappeared!

The doggy path was signed up, I thought I would leave their play areas to their walkers and them.

The ‘START’ sign, an up arrow in yellow and a number ‘one’ looked hopeful. The wind got up and the rain started. I pulled on my hood,and with head down, struck out intrepidly for the shelter of the woodland. I passed a hollowed tree trunk sculpt, then an attempt at a totem pole, or was it a wooden abstract?

I soon found myself following the signs and walking on and on in open scrub land. There obviously had been much tree-felling, some recent storm damage was evident with the remaining poor specimens of Scots pine. Whole root structures were up-ended. Viewing those in moonlight would be really eerie.

It was time to go off-piste, among what trees there were. “Do you know where you are going?” hubby asked. Of course I didn’t. I did know where I was. I could hear the sound of the sea which could guide me, if necessary. It wasn’t a problem, it was bright daylight and would be for many hours to come. In any case, with so few wooded areas, none of them thick, I was hardly at risk of disappearing from view.

I stumbled across a big seed eating wooden birdie on a pathway. It had been planted there a long time ago. It was soon followed up by a faded painted green tit. There were some nesting boxes attached to tree trunks but no holes in them. they were hardly there to attract woodpeckers, Maybe they were for next season’s nestings. On another trunk an older nesting box had one small hole at the front of it. Obviously made for small birds to squeeze in and out.

We entered a long avenue of trees, the ground carpeted in dried pine needles. We had inadvertently walked into the doggie trotting ground. We bravely faced our destiny.

In the distance there was a dog walker who was dressed in a bright jacket, in front bounded two Labrador gun dogs. Checking with their human first, they rushed up to me. They were a quiet, friendly pair. Their man was deaf, he explained to me. It didn’t deter a pleasant communication though.

We came out of the trees to meet the sea. A five minute walk took us back to the car park. It’s surprising what happens if you go down to the woods…


Sunday 20th January 2008.

Opened one of Saturday’s letters, wrote an email so it will be on the recipient’s screen first thing Monday morning. 

Went out for a walk with hubby between showers. It was cold but I was well wrapped up. We even saw a bright but cold winter sun for a brief period.

Stopped off at a local hotel for a cuppa and to read their newspapers by a warm fireside. We delayed leaving, there was a prolonged sleet fall.  We decided we were better off where we were.
On the way home bought a different Sunday paper with a Robbie Burns songs CD.  I was determined to read this paper at home today and not in a week’s time!

Burnt the vegetable soup, rescued it (just) and offered it as roast vegetable soup    

Sat in comfortable chair at home, read my newspaper and listened to the Burns songs CD, which was pleasant easy listening.  Diction very good, no mean feat for Ayrshire dialect.

It’s time now to prepare our meal of the day, so, I have promised myself I will not be distracted from the task. We might get some real roast vegetables with it.