…………….TO THIS

Now you see it.  Better still it brings back to sight the words of ‘wisdom’ much needed to do the job.   The tool provided has now been re-united with the instructions on how to use it.

Isn’t technology wonderful!









Hi Folks,

Just been rather busy since November last year, though there was a lull for a few days over the Christmas break.  Just as well, because with the dire flood warnings, which sounded like they were near, or, at home, we cut into our break  and dashed back to see if everything was okay chez nous.

The busy business will continue for a bit.  It means I won’t have much time for posting, (though I will take any opportunity that presents itself).  However, I intend that all this busy stuff  will not get in the way of keeping in contact and commenting.

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day.  This morning, I heard a very poignant story on the BBC Radio 4 Programme, ‘Midweek,’ about a sock that belonged to a survivor.

January is nearly over; we’re getting an extra hour or so of daylight now.




This was part of the week that was.


Reversed the car out. It hiccupped a bit, it usually does after a week of no movement. Sticky brakes, I thought. The car gently eased back at an angle on the hill; it bumped, humped and thumped then there was the most almight BANG! It felt like the floor pan had collapsed along with the chassis.

The car couldn’t stay where it was, it was at an angle across the road just on a blind bend. I thought “what the hell” and attempted to drive it back the way it had come. It limped onto the slope of the drive and would go no further forward. I got out to survey the scene. My new front offside tyre was as flat as a pancake and the car was listing.

Left sick hubby to call our trusty garage. Managed to get to my hospital appointment 10 minutes late. On my return was calculating age of the car versus economics of possible repair costs.

Mechanic arrived for second visit (had already been to assess needs) and shortly after a moped and rider turned up,the rider identified himself as the FRV (fast response vehicle, ha, ha). With both garage men working to get the car level, it soon became apparent that my suspension spring was the main culprit and it had sheared in two places. My new tyre was in shreds. The good news was, it was not going to cost an absolute fortune to repair the car.

Kiddo home with friend for a few days. She caught dad’s virul bug. Friend is a vegetarian; that’s no problem as apart from meat and fish that stinks ❗ she ate everything else.


Signed up for a traditional Scottish baking class. Made oven scones. I thought the dough was too wet, ‘chef’ said not. Proof was in the finished product. The scones looked like soft domed biscuits that were not too well baked. “Not enough sugar” said chef. “Dodgy scales” said I. Chef agreed, he’s a daytime student and thinks all the sets of scales need replacing. I’ll take my own next time. One 13 year old mistook salt for sugar; I tried her scone (a teensy bit) to cheer her up, but by heavens! I was drinking water all night. Chef explained the difference between the two granules to me (salt and sugar)8| I suggested he should explain to the 13 year old. I don’t think he did. :-/

Next class, after Easter, we will be creating girdle scones. I have made those successfully but not for a few years. Let’s see how we all fare with those.


Kiddo had to leave feeling decidely unwell but at least had a healthy friend with her for the journey. I think I now have a touch of the bug, mostly an irritating cough and sniffles.


Invited to a farewell party at a local hotel, dress code, ‘smart casual’. Saw lots of people I don’t often meet, couldn’t talk or shout; lots of head inclines, smiles and so on. Sign language would have worked. The DJ had his volume up with unneccessary decibels, they were beyond the safety barrier. We should have all been issued with ear defenders as part of dress code.


Made oven scones to a different recipe using my own weighing scales and my own oven. They rose well, had a nice texture and colour and tasted just fine. Might add a fraction more milk next time, I think I was too cautious after the baking night at college on Wednesday.


Got a phone call from a friend; she’d been in hospital for 24 hours following a haemorrhage. I was surprised she wanted to contact me rather than anyone else she knew, we haven’t known each terribly long and only meet up occasionally. It’s obviously a case of quality not quantity.

Kiddo off to St Petersburg this morning for a week to give her communication skills a boost. Two texts arrived to say she’s there, staying with a welcoming couple and spoken lots of Russian language already.

This and That – 14th October 05

It’s wearisome feeling weary all day – my own fault, went to bed too late because of sorting out blogs and zip drive research.

If I was following in the footsteps of the radio blogger – the last episode was broadcast today – (see earlier posts) I would be soaring out of blogs into the unknown. As I am not treading in those steps, I won’t be disappearing from view, so-to-speak.

“I’ll be alright at home on my own”, the confident words of a 16 year old who has chosen to leave her parents to their own devices. I saw her enjoying retail therapy today; her rushed acceptance of the invitation to call by, following a quick impromptu light lunch suggested a certain social need from the silent, solo existence of the house. The afternoon’s entertainment was well used. Other possibilities that were put to her, with provisos, were also snapped up. Her ‘independence’ has just begun, at least another six days to go…

Guilt is an odd emotion, especially when there really is nothing to feel guilty for. ‘I should have been there’ or ‘why wasn’t I there’or ‘why didn’t I do such and such’ in those cases, its as if you are willing yourself to have the gift of the seer, thought transference, even osmosis. Even if you are on hand, in the majority of instances it wouldn’t change anything from occurring though it might ease the passage of events. Then again, it might not. It’s a blinkin awful conundrum.

I have yet to see Pride and Prejudice, the film, I have read the book, watched it on TV but the big screen version has so far eluded me. It looks like Wallace & Grommit might be going the same way. So far, every arrangement made has had to be aborted. I’ll keep working on it. If it wasn’t for the guilt trip, I would pop off to the cinema and get on with the fun.