Comprends, Entiendes, Capisci, Understand?

There are still the remains of sales in some local shops. I am looking for something in particular and  I was in the one shop that might just have provided it. I browsed the department upstairs where you find cushions, bedding, curtains and some menswear. So far no luck, I could not see what I wanted.  All the staff work downstairs, which is where  I found a shop assistant.  While I was asking, it occurred to me that she might not understand what I was looking for:

Me –“I am looking for a counterpane, do you have any?”   Assistant- “ Could you tell me what that might be?”

It seemed I was speaking a foreign language. I explain it is a bed-cover….she continues to look vacantly at me….. I’m thinking quickly about what might be the current trendy modern bed-cover translation and I tentatively suggest “A throw”.

Some comprehension dawns.  The assistant tells me there are no throws……“Throws are for Christmas”

🙂   ❓








London has a maverick mayor by the name of Boris Johnson, who, according to this week’s UK Jewish Chronicle, suggested that non-Muslims have a go at fasting during Ramadan to understand better, other faiths.

It was on the cards therefore, that someone should ask Boris if the same invitation should be made, for the same inter-faith understanding, to fast for Yom Kippur.

There was some difficulty obtaining a timely response, it seems. Eventually, Boris’ spokesperson, a recent ex-BBC political reporter by the name of Gito Harri, (he of lovely Welsh dulcet tones) came back with an answer. It was easier to suggest a fast during Ramadan as there are more days to choose from!

A comment was sought from the previous Mayor of London, (described as Boris’ nemesis) who said, and here I paraphrase “I am an atheist. However, you don’t have to be circumcised and not eat pork to respect people’s beliefs“.