When I change my browser page to call up my blog when I am already on the correct page, it’s time to admit that I am not firing on all cylinders.

It’s Edinburgh Festivals time and I trudged miles up and down the hills of the city exploring venues yesterday.  Yesterday I walked my toes off and I have a blister on the pad of my right big toe to prove it!  Luckily, I found I had a lovely gel toe protector sleeve in my luggage – the right size too-  which has worked just great today.


A Refreshing Drink Of Scottish Bubbly Water

Edinburgh is like a huge flower bud opening at Festivals time.  Events managements have developed a range of venues in nooks and crannies all around the city.  Whereas in the past, ‘Assembly’, for example, meant wandering up to, at most, two large locations, now, you will find “Assembly” mini hubs all about the city.   The other major venues  also seem to have spread their wings like this.  I gave up on confusion,  it made me footsore and it took up too much valuable festive time!


While out walking we talked about….

Where humans might rest up in a dual purpose horse box;

The anarchy of some computer programme system designs;

About overflowing farm drains;

A courier company that uses more than one livery;

A swollen river in spate and nearly over-topping its banks;

About a utensils pot seen in a charity shop;

Buying a loaf of bread from the local bakery,

As I absent-mindedly walked past it;

Where to find a public toilet;

The cold wintry wind felt like ‘a bed for snow’.








It was painful being out yesterday afternoon, and looking out of the window, it appears that today won’t be any better, worse in fact. Wind chill; I thought I had got used to it, but then yesterday’s outing made me wonder.

Thinking back on it, I pegged some washing out on my line in the morning. I reckoned there was enough of a ‘breeze’ to encourage some drying even if the tips of the grass did look frosted. As my hands became quickly stiffened up with the cold, one by one, I dropped items of washing. Brrrr…. I hastened back in the house, but, the washing – not a lot – was out to dry.

Back to the afternoon; we thought it would be a nice togetherness to be out in the winter sun, enjoying some of the brightness that is so sought after in these parts in the Winter months. Even though I was well padded up, it felt as if I couldn’t pull my bright red beret down far enough to feel warm around the ears. I even wished for a scarf, yet my collar has an inner knitted band!!! Mini winds (not breezes) cold blasted like a sharp razor into you. Why was my cerise woolly balaclava languishing in a cupboard, on a shelf, instead of covering my face and head?

Acknowledging that this outing was giving us a bit more than we bargained for, we thought about a bottle of mulled wine sitting in a cupboard and decided to go home.

As We sipped the mulled wine, a nasty, growling, freezing gale, could be heard building up outdoors.


I left the physiotherapy session with a walking stick today. I was asked diplomatically, whether I would like to take it. The offer threw me into a quandary and I found I had a desperate need to explain to the one lady in the waiting room, that I wasn’t carrying the stick because I needed one, I really, (fortunately) did not.

What about anyone who might need a walking stick, would there be another one to provide? Was there a smaller less substantial stick? The one I was offered was a well-built specimen. The therapist stood in front of me,(stick proffered in my direction) grinning at me.

I carried it out over my shoulder like a ski, to the car,where I reverently placed it out of sight in the boot.


We went for a walk along one of the East coast cliff walks, today. It was very cold, bracing and blustery. I fell once. Daft really, I had on the absolute must for walking/hiking boots, but silly me, I forgot to change into trousers that weren’t flared to a skirt width per leg and needless to say, I tripped over one of the ‘skirts’ as I was negotiating a huge uphill tuft. Ah well, at least I landed on soft springy peat. In case any wit asks, hubby has already… No, peat didn’t mind being landed upon. For that matter, I didn’t mind landing on peat. :yes:

On our way we saw this outcrop of rock.

This is another view of the area we walked in.

On the return walk we found we had company.