It was Snowbird’s post in which UK floods were mentioned reminded me that back in March this year, (2016) I made a note:

“… There have been  floods where there have never been any, or, none for many years. Apparently, the recorded rainfall for Scotland, and the relative mildness of the winter for other parts of the UK winter 2015-16 has not been seen since records began,

or put differently;

similarities can be traced back to the late 1600’s,  about the time of  the Stuart kings.  (The Stuart kings followed on from the last of the Tudor dynasty, Elizabeth 1st, Henry V111’s daughter by Anne Boleyn).”

-1So, that puts that weather in context…


I promised myself I would not do any washing this holiday weekend, I had done enough while we were away on a short break, loads and loads of it, left by other people who had used the house before us. The contracted cleaning and service agency had their invoice paid for,  for a date they said they did the job, which was  a few days before we arrived.  They very obviously had not fulfilled their contract in any shape or form.  I took the house owner, (a friend) on a tour of the premises with my iPad camera, so, he could the agency to task.  Hell! was he upset and mortified at what we walked into.  We set about making the house reasonable to stay in.

There was some of our own stuff  to wash and dry on our return home, inevitably, there always is, but, I said to myself, that’s it,no more. The trouble is, where I live, In  the far north of Scotland,  you are very aware of weather patterns, you have to be. Today is going to be the best day of the week, the rest of it is forecast to be a wash- out, ( ‘scuse the irresistible pun ). So, if I am going to get washing dried the eco way, outside on the line, whatever there is to be washed must be laundered today. Yet another resolution hits the dust……….


Checking the hourly weather forecast means I have been able to contentedly get a load of washing done and out on the line as soon as the fierce precipitations and the heavy clouds passed. I even shoved a pile of towels into the washing machine, they did not get pegged out onto the line till about 5pm. In-between I took some of the now dry stuff indoors. What was left was a bit damp. I’ve been glancing at the rotating washing line turn and turn in the light wind and keeping an eye on the skies…just in case.

An hour and a half later,just as we sat down to our evening meal, a horrible heavy yellow cloud clung to the skies overhead and we saw spots of rain on the window. Hubs and I dashed out to rescue the laundry. The tea towels were damp and the heavier towels were in need of a bit more time to blow in the wind. Just to be on the safe side, we unpegged everything. Thirty minutes later,the skies were inviting, clear and sunny. As I write, (20.04) the towels are back on the washing line, getting a good blowing from the wind. We can’t leave the towels out overnight as rain is forecast. They’ll be cold when we do bring them in but, hopefully, they will be a lot less wet and it will be easier to finish drying them.

What fun one do have in the pursuit of natural drying (in the style of a certain Mr S Pepys). 😉


There it was writ large on the very local weather chart……my window of opportunity to get bed washing, (sheets etc) out the line to dry – assuming there was a bit of drying wind – from 08:47 hrs (approx) till about 18:00 hrs. The remaining towels are currently en route, via the washing machine, to the rotary drying line in the garden. After that – maybe, I might just get enough time to put some general wash out to benefit from the drying wind. And after that, maybe, I will be treated to a visit to the caffé in town!



Don’t know about you, but for Midsummer it’s cold and I feel really cold. I Pegged the washing on the line in double quick time. Oh yes, it was dry, for a couple of hours with a winter feel easterly wind, just enough blow for me to cope with and just enough blow to get some of the wet out of the wash. By lunch time there were fine droplets of rain; not enough wet though, to unpeg the laundry. I left it where it was.


It was bound to be cold, because the sheep have been sheared over the last two days. There’s always a drop in temperature when the woolly coats come off. Also, it was bound to be cold because I decided get out some summery clothes to wear and leave the heavier tops and trousers to hang in the cupboard.

There’s the same perversity with the sideshows, (a little fair with rides) which shows up twice a year. Without fail, if it isn’t dull and raining before the stalls pitch up, it sure will be once they are, and there’ll be little chance of positive change till the fair departs.

According to the official weather people, there was supposed to be a high of 11 degrees Celsius at the top of the day today. That would take some believing. Some nights this week temperatures were low, down at 4 degrees Celsius; not sure where tonight’s are plummeting to.


A week ago today, I was taking the best of some unexpected summery weather and the very warm temperatures. This afternoon, snow arrived. At first there were a few faltering feathery flakes. It gradually built up to a steady downpour of wet flakes. As the volume increased, the snow changed into the settling kind. To paraphrase various transport services, perhaps this is the right kind of snow , just so long as it does not settle for too long and cause havoc.

I took this picture as the snowfall was starting to become notable. As I write this post this evening, there is a white covering over the fields, rooftops and cars.


It really is hard to believe that a week ago today, we were having a meal deal picnic in lovely warmth, and lapping up lots of natural sunshine (vitamin D).


Because of the storms last week, post and other deliveries have been seriously delayed. No commercial planes were flying passengers, nor to distribute post to outlying areas, or, to heavily populated ones either. Just imagine the bulky back-up of Christmas and business mail that resulted. Some long distance passenger buses tried to maintain a limited service when the trains could not. The bus drivers were brave, and the buses that battled with the weather, were extraordinarily late in their arrivals. They did, however, arrive. Passengers had some hair-raising tales to tell. It is just possible that a mail van limped through the stormy trail as well, though one of those, by no means, would have dented a sizeable backlog very much.

Trickles of mail arrived here at home by Friday evening. Apart from one letter, everything else was local. Is it possible that the bosses had allowed the local sorting office to do their own local sorting rather than bag everything up to travel hundreds of miles South, only to return North again ❓ I still have difficulty mentally sorting out the economics of that exercise.

At about 4.30pm, Monday 12th December 2011, a wadge of mail landed on the mat, mostly Christmas mail. No packages or parcels have arrived. Don’t get me wrong, I am not expecting tons of presents, I am however, expecting our usual arrivals of mail order, which haven’t shown up. It is this current pattern of deliveries that leads me to believe that there is quite a backlog of mail somewhere in the system, much of it caused by extreme weather conditions. Now, we are waiting for the next severe weather experience that is forecast, which, is bound to have a further impact on mail and courier services.

From past experiences, especially that of last Winter here, I am sure the individuals who work for most of the delivery services will do their level bests to meet the extra demands of Christmas and get their post and parcels to businesses and households. I cannot speak highly enough of the local postal services and the efforts they made in the severe Winter of 2010/2011 with the most difficult of weather conditions – blizzards, ice and deep snow underfoot.


The headline of a Northern Scottish Newspaper, the Press and Journal, stated “Winds 165 MPH”. Under this startling factoid, (and I have no doubt that it was carefully placed) was a picture of a couple at a place where sea spray could be seen dropping over the esplanade. The couple were looking a bit blown about, not best dressed for the situation, and in a risky place for the conditions. But, to protect themselves from the elements, they were pictured holding a completely intact umbrella!

Yeah right….


The weather forecaster mentioned the dreaded Winter “S” word last night, (October 3rd) taking me and the news presenter totally off guard. She exclaimed in long drawn out breathy shocked vocal sounds, “S–N–O–Wwww! And I jerked out of my chair exclaiming “SNOW!” in a higher pitch and in unison with her. 8|

There have been really heavy sleet-filled showers today and there is a definite nippy edge to the blustery wind. Is this the weather that is the precursor of what is to come, what we have been led to wait for and expect this week. :-/

My snow tyres have been promptly put on order. :.


Every time I thought it would be a good time to get some washing done thus far today, it clouded over and really heavy showers pelted down. Now, there is every sign of a further repetition and I can feel the temperature has dropped.

Try as I might to be economic with fuel, I think I shall be doing piles of washing at the end of this week to dry off in the tumble dryer. Two smaller washes are already doing their ‘thing’ over radiator airers.

the weather forecaster I saw and listened to yesterday, described the day to come,(today) as “A usable day“. Usable, for what?