With all that’s been going on, and very publicly, here and abroad, I have been at a loss to know what to think.  If I feel disempowered, how on earth must millions of other people feel.

Those that can, have grouped up and made their feelings known in public places around the world, often at personal cost to themselves. The amount of courage and positive human energy there is to care, is truly amazing.

I am not qualified to speak of what the security services at all levels do, or, what they do not do.  Like most people, I only know what morsels are given for public consumption. I am extraordinarily grateful to have been able to live a life that has been mostly safe and away from major conflicts. There are so many who cannot say this.  Every day we hear heart-rending stories, many of which are streamed into our visual consciousness to our homes. It does make us face the reality of the suffering that has been and is being endured.

With the current ruptures, of a type generally unknown to many of us in our lifetimes, our own comfort blankets are disappearing at speed.  The peace in Europe of the last seventy plus years is politically in the balance and it is also affected by major influences from other continents. There is a serious ramping up of aggressive rhetoric.  Where will it all lead?



I have just been reading around what wonderful improvements the Blog Admin Team say they are in the process of doing, will do, and have done.

The outstanding issues, as in those that stick out like a sore thumb still, and also those that need to be successfully addressed, are some of the bugs that BCUK state they have fixed and made better. Oh really?

Snails pace upload….they say fixed, some days ago. They should be sitting where I am and watching the connection circle endlessly twirl. I had no idea the slow upload had allegedly been fixed, it’s certainly done a good job of hiding its talents….it’s slower than ever at any time of day or evening.

Subscriptions; another problem area. It’s difficult to check this one, as in part, some of the people I did want to subscribe to, seem to have lost their blog based email subscription facility. If you have forgotten to include it in a re-designed site, it would be a good idea to see if you can install the ’email link’ subscription facility.

Hordes of spammers, both opportunist and pro account holders, (who gain access to our sites) are invading this site with impunity. There is no sign of anything remotely happening to deal with these abuses.



Someone on the radio was blubbering on about blogs; that they weren’t interested in any old blog, (the run of the mill majority, was the actually phrase) that they were always interested in the original, the perverse, the unusual perspective. The majority of blogs were not in the categories they were seeking.

The blog that was focussed and did not digress into the detail of the creased up clothes in life’s suitcase was about the sum of what was sought.

With all the different kinds of communication in blogging, the zillions of blog sites that there are, how, I ask can they filter to the original, the perverse and the unusual perspective. I suspect there are a few favourites highlighted in certain specific directions, which are probably monitored. Can you see someone trawling through uncountable random keywords to find one subjective gem?