…Surprising what you find:

Pretty Frilly Blue


Grounded in nature


Placed by nature -irresistible

If you peer in you may see the blue frilly butterfly on the right.


Crafted from  nature.

Nature blooming



Carved out woodland life


Dumbledore, or, could it be Gandulf…

The woods are different every visit, be it nature’s own changes with the seasons, or, things we have not yet found, all waiting for the next time we go exploring the woods.


This post, I uploaded for the first time, pictures taken with my phone camera. I don’t think I have mastered the art of uploading phone photos. All tips gratefully received.  🙂


Whatever Tiger Woods is perceived to have done, there are men who would envy his stardom and what it enables him to do. I do not subscribe to this chauvinstic viewpoint. Whatever your moral stance on others’ behaviours, there are some very important things that the golf fraternity, big business and media moralisers should take account of.

Tiger Woods has put golf on a different footing in the world sports sphere. Even if you are not particularly interested in the game, it cannot be easily denied that Woods has brought a fizz and some glamour to golf that did not previously exist. The guys that are making money denouncing him, are the very people who have earned large sums of money from his existence. They are the ones stirring up the public, it will be short-lived financial gain. They will undoubtedly miss Tiger Woods and the steady stream of income they derived out of his existence on the golf circuit.