Whose Arrogance Do You Prefer?

Whose Arrogance Do You Prefer?


There are devious political machinations at play here. The BBC was the first to develop anything like the iPlayer, It would have been the first to develop other forms of streaming household entertainments a decade ago, such as those coming on line now offered by many other big players in the media field, for payment. The BBC was stopped by the regulators; the reasoning was that it would give one institution a great advantage over others who would be deterred from developing in the market place! (Political and associate power may well come into the arguments too).


So having emasculated The BBC ten years ago, the same old puff is being pushed out now. I question how much independence The BBC truly has, pressurised with active threats. That said, it speaks volumes that Westminster is trying to heavily clip its wings.


I am very glad to see that The Corporation has had to start valuing its female talent in all departments, but not before they took a major public stand and involved the Courts. Internship abuses- other companies still take advantage of young people-  have been under scrutiny too. As we have seen, well known and respected radio media performers, news and continuity staff, programme producers, could be easily be poached for high rates of pay once salaries were publicised, by the “poor under dog” alternative media companies.

All media moguls are very arrogant, The BBC is no angel in that regard. The politicians and major financiers of this world we live in behave likewise. They are the unelected power brokers. We should be asking who supports who and why?  We, who use the services of The BBC have to decide whose arrogance and services we would prefer.


On balance, I value the World Service, I fondly remember Listen with Mother in my early formative years. I enjoy so much pick and mix with the channels and their quality output. I am grateful for the very good quality children’s programming there was when sprog was still at nursery stage and the very clever eclectic Sesame Street, which we watched together. None of the programmes were, nor are today, fractured with blasted periods of ever-extended advertising as with the other providers. I greatly value uninterrupted viewing. For goodness sake, how many toilet breaks do we all need to pay for!


Commercial break revenue streams would never contract. If you want to know where the real power lies, follow the money.


…Surprising what you find:

Pretty Frilly Blue


Grounded in nature


Placed by nature -irresistible

If you peer in you may see the blue frilly butterfly on the right.


Crafted from  nature.

Nature blooming



Carved out woodland life


Dumbledore, or, could it be Gandulf…

The woods are different every visit, be it nature’s own changes with the seasons, or, things we have not yet found, all waiting for the next time we go exploring the woods.


This post, I uploaded for the first time, pictures taken with my phone camera. I don’t think I have mastered the art of uploading phone photos. All tips gratefully received.  🙂


The sat nave is plugged into my computer not only taking charge, but also making a meal of updating itself.  One hour and twelve minutes according to the magic timer, long enough to gulp a re-energising first and second course electrical feed.


So, here I am pondering.  A bit of plugging in to an energising surge would do me the world of good too. 

P1030465 light sticks

This morning I ‘mislaid’ a towel which was placed near the washing machine to remind me to add it to the wash load. When the time came, I just couldn’t find it.  The wash load was done minus the towel.  I discovered it some time later.  It was wrapped round a freezer pack which had been easing a sore point on my back!! 


My excuse…..yes I do have one; this was the morning after the night before: this morning in particular, was too early to be awake thinking about anything. I was even too tired to expend energy being grumpy.  Why?  You might well ask.  Twice during the  night I was was abruptly disturbed out of my slumbers.


* “Golden slumbers kiss your eyes, smiles awake you when  you rise….”  Oh, were it true.*(Brahms Lullaby)

Just Checked the satnav update progress. It looks like it’s charging up for an all night session.  The progress bar has regressively jumped from forty minutes to fifty minutes…..zzzzzz.



On Boxing Day, (26th December 2017) a National Bank Holiday, I was sitting at the centre table of  a row of three tables for two, in a busy village coffee shop, we consumers were all in close proximity.

On my right was a very delightful little girl with her daddy. She was amusing herself with a game and also talking with daddy.  Quite a number of ladies stopped to talk to both of them and she told them she was three years old.

As me and hubs started to sip our coffees I heard………….

Daddy may I go to playgroup this afternoon? […. may I……from a three year old. Wow!]

I commented to dad on his little’s girl’s remarkably good manners.

Dad.…..Oh, we have the Manners Book at home don’t we, and we like reading it.  She nodded

MeHave you got the ‘why’ book……Dad….No   

Meyou’ve got all the answers then? ….

DadNo…..and looking at his daughter….. no,we haven’t have we?

3 year old.Yes you have. …….

DaddyNo I haven’t …

3 year oldYes you have.

DaddyWhy do you say that?….

3 year old….Because you’re a grown up.

Daddy….Oh, I see; grown ups don’t know everything.

3 year old…… uhm yes.  You’re not mummy are you.





“Let’s go and see The Kite Runner”  we said.  Our friends agreed.

“We’ll meet at the cinema for the early showing”

“Okay, that’s fine.”  They said.

I purchased four tickets asking for the show we wanted. Fine.

We took our seats. I was puzzled,the cinema was quite full, mostly with ladies. I’d been told the Kite Runner wasn’t popular and it was finishing its local run on Thursday, and yes, this was Thursday. Oh well, I thought,  myaybe a few people were catching the Kite Runner ‘s last night.

A couple of ladies we knew arrived and hadn’t brought the ‘boys along’ because they weren’t sure it would be up their street.

We waited for the film to start. It was late, according to the schedule.

After a very few stupid adverts, only one made sense, the screen suddenly went straight into a couple’s tiff. Okay, this must be a short film before the main programme. We waited for the punch line.

The scene went on, and on, and on, coming to an angry climax; never quite a sexual one. “Are we in the right place, are we seeing the right film?” I asked in a loud whisper. Hubby disappeared just as the opening credits came up. “No, we’re not seeing the right film,”  he said,  when he reappeared, “and there isn’t another film on”!
So we all sat through a chick flick film we hadn’t arranged to see and probably would not have gone to see.

You couldn’t have planned this.